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That's a beautiful thing when you go do that and we'll let you know that you can look. We're almost a rap on the show today. But i wanted to make sure we get collars in. I wanted to make sure that we brought our man. Andre on from massachusetts man i try. He has waited. You've been holding for a long time as hold it for literally over an hour to get on dray. You are up. Tell us what is on your mind. Playboy lavar christianity. Thanks for waiting away. Certainly well worth the way. I gotta get up on game. I got to get on podcast. Gino actually with tj don lemon pepper parlay up on that part podcast to just wanted to chime in a college football and my feeling. Is you know what i'm saying like you learned for friday night lights. If you wanna win you gotta let booby spent players. I feel they wanna be out in talking about the trevor lawrence is in the world and i'm talking about the justin feels day. We're the ones particularly justin field advocating to get on the field. So i want them to be out there if they want to be out there to make improvements particularly at the quarterback position in conclusion in terms of injuries. We have to. I think back to willis mcgahee he at night miami. You know who took out that insurance policy in case there wasn't injury so put me safeguards in place or these players you know can protect themselves while they're out there you know and and if you're in a situation i don't mean to bring up how state i apologize but if you're in a situation like nick bosa and are actually injured. Take the time off. Get him get your body right you know. And then you're coming in the nfl and do work like he did. I really appreciate you taking my call. And i'm gonna get up on his podcast. You gotta be doing. Thank you sir. Appreciate great boys. Great porn real. Strongpoint jug at any anything to add to that me. He said at all it was worth it him because he got some great points out there in the point. That i'll make is the quarterbacks they need those snaps guy just feels that he hasn't played as much football and is trevor lawrence and so he he needed those snaps. Smart very smart right. I'll say this as the show. Winds down i gotta i gotta tell you guys. I couldn't be more excited about doing a show with you guys. This is the first one you gotta work the the the bugs out find the timing plexus in jersey worry hair you got i was sam and gavin the back and dave. I want to get you guys involved. The out the two hours went so quickly But man guys what a crazy to our right. We told you. I was going to be an amazing Roller coaster ride of a show We had jerome bettis and jason whitlock on today show. That was some go content. We'll be posting at up. Check us out. What what what are. Who are you on on instagram. tj t. I believe is tj who's eighty four. I'm not on twitter. Who are you. Tj who shady four instagram. Who are you. Who are you on. G plaques i m he plaxico burress. He do this crazy. I tried to like just put.

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