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There's no question about that it's just you know people say well look sixty tall it's a lot to overcome hasn't been a lot of history of of people succeeding at that height at that position everybody wants to say drew brees and russell wilson's a okay drew brees going to the hall of fame and russell wilson you know obviously a special talent who's got all kinds of measurable that are better than what mayfield has hand size and speed and all that so you're citing two examples but you know you'd like there to be two hundred if you if you were to use the number one pick on a guy that says he's he's obviously been a guy who's always exceed people's expectations of so you know obviously the browns believe he can do that again and you know he could be great i the teams i talked to liked him but obviously there are some concerns there was some concerns with all of them but i think it was surprising that they went that way as opposed to one of the bigger guys with the more traditionally enticing quarterback measurable was there any other surprises for you in the first couple of rounds the i was surprised that that no quarterbacks went in the second round surprised that the non first round quarterbacks got pushed down as far as they did luke falk didn't go till very very late go to the sixth round rates at tennessee so that that was surprising especially once five went in the first round if that'll everybody's value will get inflated you know what i'm surprised by a little bit off the board i'm a little surprised seattle then move earl thomas i thought there was there was enough discussion with dallas and maybe one other teams that he might go for a second round pick and become out of the drastic and still on the roster i mean i i think you know good for seattle it has to be a good offer to get a player like that but one year left on his contract so many other guys departing from that defense is off season it just seemed like it was the time to make that move and get something but i guess you don't want to trade him just to trade him and and they got to the.

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