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Dot com what will the fall semester look like for college students that's the question facing many university systems including the one which oversees colleges such as the university of Maryland College Park some students will have to return to campus at times with the university system of Maryland says expect a mix of both onsite learning in remote learning the systems in charge of twelve colleges and says it's eyeing the July start for students majoring professions like health with a mid to late August start for others and some colleges may end in person learning by thanksgiving cleaning frequently its schools will be a must and with on campus housing work on decreasing density will be done through limiting the use of community areas and the number of people in rooms as planned get ironed out the next couple weeks the system says expect things to change is local and federal guidance does Mike Morello WTOP news Maryland sees more indications that things are trending in the right direction today governor Hogan announced the state's corona virus positivity rate has dropped to eleven point six percent that's the lowest it's seen since the end of March with this DC area counties continue to see higher rates with Montgomery County at almost fourteen percent prince George's county seventeen and a half percent the governor's office also says hospitalizations have dropped to their lowest levels in six weeks Virginia governor Ralph Northam says looser restrictions on businesses and social gatherings are still at least a week away he said this week that while corona virus related trends are encouraging more data is needed before the state can start its second phase of re opening this is the earliest the state would move into phase two would be June fifth Northam has previously indicated that the second phase of re opening would allow for social gatherings of no more than fifty people he's also said he would lose and other restrictions during phase two but hasn't provided details I'm assigned then reported hate crimes increase last year in Virginia that's according to an annual report that details crime in counties cities and towns all around the Commonwealth the report issued by Virginia state police says overall violent crime increased only slightly in twenty nineteen but homicides were up nine and a half percent reported hate crimes increased by about sixteen percent the majority were racially or ethnically motivated burglaries along with car thefts and attempted car thefts fell last year compared to the year before the report says drug and narcotic arrests dropped six percent and more than half of all drug arrests involved marijuana Michelle Basch WTOP news the countdown is still underway at the Kennedy Space Center for the three twenty two PM liftoff of the falcon nine in what would be the first launch of astronauts into orbit by a private company we'll bring you that launch live stay with us it's three fifteen sports at fifteen and forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank rackets Christiane this past week Maryland head football coach Mike Locksley hosted the season finale of his Instagram live show titled late night with locks one of his guests was New Orleans saints head coach Sean Payton who was actually a Maryland coach for a few months in the off season at least before leaving for a quality control job with the eagles back in the day not ever coaching a game for the Terps reflected on his rookie season as an NFL head coach with the New Orleans Saints back in two thousand and six he took over in the wake of hurricane Katrina and he explains to coach Locksley that while it was a challenging time for the entire region his coaching staff made a pact that Katrina was not going to be the reason we weren't successful and I think that challenge happens it's happening in a different way Mike but today you know you're trying to get ready there's a lot of apprehension because your players families or players families you are in the same position will wait a little bit guards were waiting for some sort of some answer some clothes yeah because it's still it's still uncertain right and yet you know what though we got a bill check but regardless of it right you follow me because no one really cares I'm Christiane WTP sports coming up after traffic and weather will take you to the Kennedy Space Center for a history making space launch it's three seventeen I.

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