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Me on the, Saint Vincent Right I'm looking, at a schedule of high. School football, on our. Flagship station ten seventy two fan Seven five I see your name you're doing the cathedral Bradford game and weakness number, two on the twenty fourth with the hall of Famer dick Dalian you're doing the Noblesville. Zion's game and you're also working with coach doling it again from the, karma warned central game brother you just, start? Studying now to know what's going on because you you that's those are, some heavyweights right there Yeah those are gonna be three good games and. I think as you know and I'm sure you'll talk to park Andrea, about it right we did last night Yeah yeah Right around, the corner and I'm looking forward to the opportunity within seventy two fan to be able to. Do that and then also on some of the off we confirm won't be working for. The panel so be calling him because all have a heritage Christian high school duties for. Our friends. Keep Myers everybody. Already, NFL I'm looking forward to it and it's gonna be a. Busy fall we've got the cold especially underway with the pre season and then you get. High school college right around the corner couple of weeks Purdue take it on north western, to kick. Off the CJ Football here so there's no doubt. About the question is, how or the Portage Indians that's. The question the question of the night porter should be, pretty good they they showed signed Gloucester after a couple a couple of years in the cellar of the DNC last year with the junior running back so this year they they should, be able to compete you kind. Of move some things around, the northwest Indiana and as long as you can take care of things that the c.. You know that there's, going to be teams like softball, like Maryville that are tough even down your last year so we'll see reporters can do and one of these days one of these days Dole defeated work The six game Okay Indians. Play You know the DAC though you got a slug it out. On me think. About this they opened up with Michelle Walker in. Play lull law is really good play for the championship a year ago or you talking about Maryville at crammed point, at Chesterton Michigan city is outstanding at. At LaPorte that's a, meat grinder right there And it's. It's kinda worse, for teams like lake central and Maryville brought to. Go and you, gotta go, play Michigan city which is not that far of a drive. The ports kind. Of further but then you got lake century you. Got miracle so those are some drives to from holidays you've got coaches calling him after after a win when that, boss when that when that is is. Ready to go and it's four Electchester What makes it the? Best so losing my favorite? Interviews. Yeah One of the top, you know obviously one of, the top conferences and, northern Indiana especially from school attendance standpoint at the, a c there's always a. Team that. That is right there but never quite gets Pakistan my states so one of these days than. We have here a couple couple of. Years ago play play the state bar board of these days we're gonna get a Volvo back to the state finals or. Hopefully a Portage may even? Unbearable All right now I'm. Living my life I carry Asli through yours and you just got back from. The west coast you were out in what you ended, up? In, Portland. Right Seattle yeah all families. Out in Seattle so tell me about the. Minor league. Baseball What was it Boise where you were in Boise where you so minor league baseball yeah we saw a game in Boise we solid game Tacoma with the Rainiers who the AAA affiliate and either, you gotta get period to what we have here, with. The, Annapolis, Indians and. As as much fun as we have. To call by maybe what, people don't realize not maybe, attending many ballparks around, the country when it comes to monitor the games what we have and victory. Feel the downtown Indianapolis incredible, it's it's it's fan-friendly it is a great place to, go whether you're taking your family whether. You're taking a date whether you're, taking France, what we have at victory. Field that I own backyard is certainly. So bad, sometimes we take for. Granted but it's one of the best ballparks in the country especially for what. I saw going out what if you got a chance, you? Know, we. Thought about football star there's. A chance to get on checkup some Indianapolis So all you, could eat, night you got to Boise. On the all you can eat night. How's that They had everything Bobby had everything from. Jimmy Johns You know We just you? Know what I'm. On vacation I'm not worried about my beach Bod. Right now Yeah. Whatever I like so it was it was a good. Time but we, actually we're out there we drill your Portland, or whatever to the race track. Whereas the varieties any car series will return Labor Day weekend. And that, should be interesting? Race there's going. To be a big announcement coming up on Monday Involving Scott Dixon and what his future plans are rumors that but clarity pesky. Kind of put up with dealer for Scott, Dixon services as well ahead of a. Championship, and generosity has. A chance to. Chase him down he won, a couple of, weeks ago middle. Island if you're gonna chase God Dixon down you're gonna. Have racist because, Dixon is not a guy that's going to, make mistakes and I talked to. Him after winning Toronto believe Iran that back on your show Yeah we we made one little stay qualifying wait a second I said oh so you make one. Mistake and you, end up second most guys you know they make a. Mistake and they end up and they end up hit the tire barrier or right around or losing a. Tire so you know beach God Dixon a guy who's done it so many times champion year after year is you're gonna have to win races and you're gonna have. To hope, that Scott Dixon fault on Sobat fortunate middle two weeks ago Iraqi dominating. The dot max points by winning the race but you know you're going. Into pope in order to make it, happen I, think over five hundred miles gateway or, Scott big finish in the top three Portland which is attractive not a lot of. These drivers have experience on the only drivers, that do our guys like Scott Dixon In you know in in the series prior. To two thousand, four and air there champ car and then you had. That season under Doma where Scott Dixon so good that we saw him quench the championship at the win. A couple of years ago when he beat out one Pablo on toyah so you're going to beat Scott You're going to have to, win racism. Netflix Alexander generosity to weeks ago so we'll see a sandwiches with Duke Arnulf our Scott Dixon over the final four races here Tony Donahue.

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