Trump tweets 'not much headway' on shutdown as key services threatened


Talks in an attempt to end the partial government shutdown today. But CBS Rebecca Kaplan tells us yesterday sit down did not go. Well, it does not appear that this heating actually yielded that much. The White House is saying there was some progress made on what an actual fencer barrier would look like and agreement on what kind of technology was needed at ports of entry. But the big takeaway was that the white. Has promised to send Democrats additional details on what exactly they would do with this five point seven billion dollars that they are requesting political Sarah fairest, obviously, the big issue is the number for the border wall. And neither the Democrats who now have have power of the house of representatives, nor President Trump thinks that things that they're getting any closer to being able to deal on this upsetting for federal workers. Like, Maryland Carruthers starting to feel the pinch. Now, our mortgage our gas electorate trash water Bill city, S news

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