Russia, Michael Cohen, Daniels discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show


Reset the board nobody wants anyone who wants to play reset the shirt i'm happy this was a referral by komi by mullah rather so muller came across this information as it relates to michael but but this is not directly related to the russia blow what do they want so they speak for the overwhelming majority of americans nobody nobody else stands the russia from nobody no regular you wonder this is this is somewhat more understandable so we don't know what they want yet but we do know what they were aiming at in the in the the rate information related to the payment that we know michael cohen made the hundred thirty thousand dollar payment he made to stormy daniels aka stephanie clifford right eleven days before the election any information regarding the nondisclosure agreement in payment to karen mcdougal who's the playmate yahoo with trump anderson cooper interviewed her cnn plug and also we learned this yesterday last night near times part of this i that they were looking for any documents for mation related to the access hollywood tape what is that well we don't know and it's not clear even they kois that two thousand and five tape was made twenty six it came out to he was just some guy then well he was he has been donald trump's personal lawyer into a fixer for a very long donald trump was just some guys was just some guy that's true too i would have that we don't know that cohen was involved in that in any way for though the question i would ask bill pryor cancers better why would on the search warrant that beat.

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