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To hurt you. We are, we believe. The goodness of mankind. That's where we're all together here and always got an ax. No, he's got a machete. Nobody's got a baseball bat. It is, you know, that's kind of what we want to be known for it. Being the other. Shocking. Sorry. What do you say that What I'm packing. However, all right, so business news. The Bernie Mittens. Do you believe how Something is simple and kind of sweet as this has taken on a life of its own, the means I've posted two or three means on my own personal Facebook page. And forward slash Doug Stephan. With him in various parties. Just sitting there on the mittens on it, And it shows me a couple of things how people can get on to something like this ever become as wildly successful as this woman has a matter of fact, I guess the story really is That Vermont Teddy bear. As you get into this woman, and they pardon it up s o that now they're gonna make you know, we all know Vermont Teddy bear right? How many years we advertised them on this program there around every year at this time is a matter of fact, it's Valentine's Day is around, although they don't choose to be here. For whatever the reason, sometimes just wear out on certain things so Um, the stuff that Bernie was wearing apparently become very popular, especially up into Vermont. The schoolteacher who made the mittens was Jen Ellis, right? And so her supply sold out in minutes. And so it is time and so she she has an 18,000. At least at this point. It's 18,000 people on a waiting list for these mittens, So she's like, I can't She can't knit 18,000 mittens so remote Teddy Bear has decided to make mittens whether which will be great, but it's also had this because it goes. A dollar from every pair goes to the make a wish Vermont Foundation, which is Wonderful. Um And so, Yeah, it's cute. I'd say to come like to comments on that. First of all. How lucky was she that it was freezing cold that Bernie was cold there them in the men's because I was the best marketing she could have ever not paid for second of all. How funny is it? That socialist Bernie Sanders just shot a great lesson in capitalism. You know, he really Jennifer, you know, that's also cool, though. Burning burning, You know, he's walking the walk. He's representing with the mittens. The coat that he was wearing that everybody was God. That code is so ugly. Well, it's Veron. It's yes. Burton snowboarding Company based in Vermont, so he was really wrapping his state that day quote that he was wearing Which I did think this pretty ugly that's sold out and then a lot of other burden. Coats sold out so of the way of those coats of skiing and they're just having coffee Morning. Yeah, there's a color that you had was pretty their funk. Whatever very function, let's get rid of putting it. So let me ask for clarification here. This lady said, her etc. Supplies Hold on F C E T s. Why? What is you Keep asking this question. I don't know I'm here because I don't You just go to etc dot com and you because I want you to tell me this. Told you times we have told you So, Yeah, I think I asked you the first time because There was an announcement that the SC color of the year was sky Blue, and something was okay. What is etc. They told you a long time ago we have ever made in America. I'm like you should go to, etc. Because that's right. A lot of people do you know what's the significance of their color of the year? It's urgent have their own trends. So they find they just reported that the in terms of what people are searching on their site. That sky blue, whether its interior decorating things colors that's the color that they call search and seize the day corner. It's not only will you please just go to etc dot com Look so This has been months of us trying to tell you what craft fair. Have you ever been to a premiere? Yes. Yeah, Okay. It's that online. Yeah, it's just It's really simple. Jewelry, clothing, housetop. I've been my houses, mostly blue and cream. Like light blue. I have a moderate blew in the bathroom. And I have the tremors all cream around the house, so I don't know. Nobody ever asks me where my decorating trees it. Actually, I didn't pick me calling. You don't even decorate your own house. So why would anyone ask you? Well, you know, I did have a hand deserving picking. I like Blue because I think Blue represents the most positive and there's something wonderfully positive about blue. Don't you think? Well, that's what has he said that the sky that say So I'm following blue today Be suppressing it, Zach. I say, you know what? That's a great example of words that have double meanings and people who come to this country gets so confused. By learning the language because as you just said, Blue is a color but blue also, if you don't feel well, people say in and using our language that I feel blue today I feel and I do. I feel blue because I wanted my really good friends died over the weekend, so I feel blue. In a sense, it doesn't It hasn't taken over my life, but I feel I'm sad about it, So I just I think maybe all right, I get it. I guess I get it. Sam's Club. More business news. Credit card relaunch. If you are a Sam's club plus member, anybody here, Okay. There we go. Can you explain it again? What? Sam's club is? Can you tell us again, sama? Are you asking me? Yeah, it was. Go ahead, explain it to us. We just don't understand it and we refused to Google it. So tell us Is that his shot at me because they didn't go after etc. Very cute anyway. Well, Sam's club. I don't even I don't understand this was floating around. And people are making a sort of a big deal out of it. I don't know why anybody would join Sam's Club because they're many other places. Sam's Club is the Wal Mart version of BJ's, if you will, and there were lots of Sam's clubs around for a while, and now they pretty much all disappeared. You know what I want my next question to be, But I'm afraid the answer. Uh what? Go ahead. Go ahead. Come now. I'm not moving. I'm not budging into the store, or were you just talking about Wal Mart. When I say.

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