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Okay i know that's what i'm saying this to aim is doing it by himself when winnie's mccollum so now we're disco poll georgia's trump liver knows we asked me you love to save a hall of famer the thunder of better roster no doubt your arguments all over but then because i responded me or nonsense asked me you asked me when was the last time russell westbrook went to the playoffs by himself and one around he's only aired one chance yes last email ms george was not there fashion so now through georgia no no i'm not talking about what he did not have the equivalent of a cj mccollum last year there and that's totally fair who has a better roster this year okay so you're portland don't even say without question stephen adams is one of the best post players would no joy to georgia's superstar star camello anthems the hall of famer yes but old hall of portland does not have anything close to that portland's ahead in the standings because of damian lillard game set match was a game and you wanna you wanna say anything else is your game and i have his woes you okay he doesn't have to saving else 'cause i gotta go with precise i'm sorry numbers don't lie look no disrespect video game day he's phenomenal but russ come on he just ended what he had its fifth consecutive triple double third such streak i mean he's just going off and ended the raptors loving game win streak with absurd numbers and sixty point two percent shooting.

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