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Fact it was six minutes later a hundred and fifty dauler parking kicked a hundred and fifty for using a handicapped parking spot because we don't have those fake decals like a lot of people on a bt do but let that go come on into getting fake decals that's just not the way i am so as gray said a jeff i didn't order park there was nowhere to park i it's not like i thought i was sitting there for half an hour an hour and it's not as if there was a handicap person that needed the spot there was nobody those okay okay put the car in quick wit gosh and they were let's go let's go let's go she's out six minutes later blank you andrei and fifty bucks now what if i don't pay the ticket hear what are you pull a bill evans now i'm hardworking you wanna talk about hardworking people i'm hard working lawabiding heart by the way they came here illegally but they're lawabiding but let that go okay lawabiding hardworking family heart and and and and and wife and husband i'm not lawabiding i'm on hard working so how come i don't get a break because i'll tell you what happens if i don't pay that ticket i get a fine and it's gonna get even worse now what if i said you're by their logic well i don't want to pay the ticket because i don't think it's fair okay then i get another ticket i'm not going to pay that when he the i don't think it's fair so after awhile now i've got some serious outstanding tickets you know i really need an amnesty because i'm really reluctant to call the police if i see a real violent crime because are going to look at my parking tickets they're going to look out it's overdue and how long it.

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