All 12 playoff coaches are tied to Bill Walsh or Parcells


The head coaches in the playoffs that season come from the coaching. Trees of other Bill Walsh for Bill Parcells Abella check. Anthony Lynn, Sean Payton. All coached under Parcells Jason Garrett and Bill O'Brien are further down the Parcells coaching tape. But they all come from the Bill Parcells coaching tree. And that means the other seven come from the Bill Walsh coaching tree. Andy Reid coached under Mike Holmgren was Walsh disciple. Four others come directly from Andy. That's John Harbaugh. Matt Nagy Doug Peterson and Frank Reich. So as we prepare to watch these games this weekend and throughout these playoffs. There is still the influence of those two legendary preeminent coaches of the eighties. If you will in Walsh and parcels what what thoughts Trump to your mind? When you see that? Look, I know that Bill walls is someone who is highly highly respected by guys like parcels end by guys like Bill Belichick. He's at the very very top of this whole thing. And they as far as situational football's concern, and as far as really just being able to build an entire football federation. He's set the standard everyone else is trying to follow now. And now is it is pretty cool though to watch kinda how bills people have done how Andy Reed's people were doing. I mean, it's it's really neat. Because really there's only so many things you can do in full. There's only so many formations you can come up with and so many defenses you can run then it just comes down to good play styles. Make fights right and Walsh that the west coast against the smashmouth run the ball in play defense style of ourselves. And if you look at it that still holds true today. Most of the Andy Reid disciples over there. Bill walsh. They're going to get the ball out. Quick. Quick eater intermediate passing game highly rhythmic west coast offense. Then you look at the Bill Parcells disciple disciples, we're going to run the football player action shots down the field and had this big physical defenses that try to beat you up and want to make this game playing the phone booth. You've heard me say this on this show that if the guys that are really good the great coaches right now, and the guys that are going to continue to be one of those eight teams looking for aid coach on finding the guy. That's the more Steelers. Parting ways with linebackers coach Joey porter lions jam. Bob quinn. Standing by quarterback Matthew Stafford despite a disappointing has campaign, Patrick Mahomes. Three other chiefs have made the AP all pro team. Joined by teammates, Travis Kelsey tyreek hill and Mitchell Schwartz. The first rookie teammate since one thousand nine hundred sixty five mated colts. Gord quitting Nelson and linebacker. Darius Leonard Chicago also at all pros edge rusher. Khalil Mack joined by Kyle fuller. Eddie Jackson and Tarik Cohen and Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald the only unanimous choice. JJ watt Leuke cly made it for the

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