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Just over 17 minutes, my mistakes, folks. Just under 17 minutes. Mata off the draw from center ice along wrist shot is gloved by Lennar in the Vegas, Greece, but it just said around 17 around 17 and you wouldn't have to worry about that lost her mind. John. Wait a minute. Troy Murray Broadcasting live. The wind Trust Blackhawks broadcast booth face off the right hand side of Robin Leonard. It'll be the four seasons heating air conditioning and plumbing face off for all right reasons. Four seasons at the United Center. We have this enormous, beautiful scoreboard staring us in the face where we can see everything really well, but Their situation here. Boxer a little hard to tell. So bear with us, folks. We'll keep you informed as much as possible. There's Patrick Brown, with a puck to the hotline, tosses the puck into the hawk's own to break. It'll move it out to center ice on the left wing to Strom. He lifts a bouncer in front of a Vegas net and Leonard has to go down in the butterfly position to block it and then plop on it ahead of the crease for whistle. Faceoff stays in the Vegas zone to one talks, a little snow shower from somebody. He's got a playoff beard going and these took off his master. Get rid of some of the snow. It was all over his facial hair. Boy, that is a dangerous, dangerous play for goaltender to have to make a bouncing puck in front of them. And you're right. You can look it looks like he just had a snow cone. The abominable snowman. Uh, Robin was a good guy when he was here. Really appreciate it getting you know he's alive personality. That's a fact. And known to speak his mind face off.

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