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One call that's all Sports desk. Here's Brian Deed. Daniel Vogel back impacts the Brewers 10. Nothing went over the Phillies in a very strange way. Marshawn sitting right down the middle. He walking with the bases loaded, so the strikeout and wild pitch to Riz with two outs. That's how it all started. Craig Counsell with a little bit of gamesmanship here, Wtmj Esmat Pauli explains. With two on and Lorenzo Cain at the plate in the sixth inning, Vogel back comes into the on deck circle, and the crowd gets excited. It Turns out, he's a decoy. Cain walks and starting pitcher Eric Lower hits for himself because he's tossing a shut out. It was a little weird walking out there and getting booed. Because Mogi was supposed to hit. That was a little odd for me, but I took it with a grain of salt. He didn't hit a grand slam but lower does draw a bases loaded walk to drive in Iran at American family Field. Matt Polly WTMJ Sports The Brewers and Phillies wrap up their series Tonight. Coverage here on WTMJ starts at 605 Indian football. Aaron Rodgers is back to doing his weekly Tuesday appearances on the Pat McAfee Show, he explains once again what remains at the heart of summer visit. Shoes in Green Bay. Nobody knows the locker room better than I do. Nobody has been, you know, around this place in a position of influence longer than I have, and I mean influence. But I've been starting out for 14 years, so nobody knows the product like I do on the field. And that gives me a perspective that I feel like ads that dominates, but adds to a conversation when you're talking about players for decisions that directly impact the product on the field, and that was my thing the entire time. I believe for the majority off season. There is an unwillingness to, uh to budge or to have those conversations. But you never know. I believe in the Possibility for people to change and grow that once again, Rogers on the Pat McAfee showed change in growth from the front office may be the only route back to Green Bay for Rogers in 2022. As for this weekend, the Packers visit the Saints in Jacksonville kickoff Sunday set for 3, 25 and Jean. I will have you for opening drive Sunday at noon, Right here on Wtmj your chance to follow the Packers to Jacksonville for that game against the scenes about not even a half hour away happens at 7 10 with West Bend the silver lining be the right color today. You're Wednesday qualify. You will join those from each day that we have been doing the show this week and Friday when we get that final qualifier will pick from one and then that person and someone they know and our love will be going to Jacksonville to see the Packers take on the Saints in Jacksonville is 3 25 kickoff. Like Brian said here on Wtmj Be listening. At.

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