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For the accidents of Robert. Send a Van Noy whether in South Florida today, a factor at all in any way. It's beautiful. I was hoping that the Chiefs are used to the snow and the cold and that this you know the heat. It's going to be a little bit more humid than it was. You know recently, so I would say low eighties community about 70%. So it may have. It may be a factor late in the game, but no no chance. No chance of rain today. Just beautiful day for football. I don't think maybe Southern California be the only other place to have such as good or whether, as we do today, All right, sounds good. We'll touch base after kickoff jacket, looking forward to it. Already rich, Not another one of the sunshine State that we're looking forward to. Of the Vikings and the Buccaneers were coming off the bye week. As we say hello to Tom make it is on the other side of the state time. Good afternoon. Good afternoon to you rich, Absolutely Miles. We'll start with the weather report Since, uh, that's what you heard most recently. High seventies broken clouds in the sky. No chance of rain. Absolutely wonderful Day for football, So the Florida weather that was in Miami is also present here in Tampa. That's what we like. Nothing getting in the way of two teams battling for playoff berth right now, you know, things have suddenly no pun intended. Gone a little south for the Buccaneers. How much is that? Bye week. Help them out here. They hope that the bye week helped him on Ah lot and in two different ways. They used the bye week, hopefully to get their offense back in sync Tom Brady, connecting with his wide receivers, both Chris Godwin and Mike Evans to mention Antonio Brown. Did.

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