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Good morning Jail. It's great to be back and man, I'll tell you what. My friends told me that when you do, pick up your grandchild for the first time, you'll have a feeling in your heart that you've never had before. And certainly that was the case and I can say her name now. Winnie definitely was the light of everybody's life and my daughter is doing great. She was awesome. Matt is awesome. Everybody's healthy. Everybody's good. Everybody's excited. They're excited for a couple of reasons. Obviously being new parents are excited. Matt's excited about getting backto work and playing and going to try to win the Stanley Cup. That would be an unbelievable monumental year for him personally and, of course, Our family because of the arrival of Winnie, But, yeah, it's amazing. It really is amazing. The whole thing's amazing and it's about as good as everybody told me it was going to be and I'm sure it's only going to get better. Well, Helen was perfect timing for Matt, right. I mean, how stressful would it have been if he had to leave and go somewhere else, and this was going on? So we actually found out from Barry Trotz before anybody else Because Cielo had said, Hey, do you hear what Barry Trotz said about Matt? Missing practice and how he'll be back, and it's a personal matter, but everything's good, and we're like, Okay, well, that means that something's going on that we saw on Instagram and then We texted with you. Well, congratulations. It's about as good as it gets to see to see that and then to have no issues as well to have a healthy baby and then have Sydney get through it. So, ah, so easily as you as you say, It's just absolutely also. Well what they don't want to say I I don't easily with no issues right now. But you know, she did. A great job in the North North Shore Hospital where she gave birth was unbelievable. She He said. They couldn't have been any nicer. Couldn't have treated or any better. She felt safe. Everything was great. You know, the thie. Interesting thing is, you know she was like, Get backto work. Matt get backto work, So it was like pretty easy for him to get back out on the ice and practice. I think you missed one practice, but You know, he's excited. You know, he should be as a new dad should be. And you know the unfortunate thing for him as if the Islanders like this is really gonna happen. If the Islanders gold away Game seven. It would go all the way until October 29 So you will not see him from Janu July 24th October night. That's not happening, so he'll be back before then. You know, regardless of what whether Islander fans think so or not, but I just It's amazing it really is. And to watch your child become responsible for another child is what is really. I think I opening in watching this whole thing because you know, city has been An unbelievable child in somebody that you know when you when you raise her and you and you see what she's grown up to be. You're like, Wow, This is amazing what she is, But now things change. And you know that that responsibility changes and it is just Fun to watch that and to see that and what that looks like, and just how just how she's going to be a great mom. So she she certainly had a great example for that and hopefully show Paul throw in that and when he will grow up to be just a successful a Sydney as and Gunnar are and is, and I just don't know all I could tell you that all my friends who are grand parents told me What to expect. And until you do it for the first time, it's really hard to appreciate exactly what they're saying. Until you go through it yourself, just like you did as a dad. Yeah, absolutely. And that's sort of the advice that I give the new dads and I've had a couple in my life recently, one of which is one of my best friends, and I said I could tell you all the things in the world. I could give you all the scenarios that I went through and I could. You could read 50 billion books. But you're really not going to know until you go through it so and it usually ends up being the greatest moment of your life. I mean, it really does into why watch a guy who's basically a crash test dummy on the ice who loves to run into people. Yeah, my daughter and cold now and in a way he holds his daughter. It's like this is not how was this guy? That guy, you know, so it's pretty funny to watch it, but it's ah, man. It's great. It really is. And So all is good on that front. But you're right. You know, all is not good on the NFL front here. Here's the thing in regards to all of this. And after watching the last couple of Yankee and met games, and after watching the PGA Tour, the mask are watching soccer, watching Korean and Japanese baseball. You know, everybody's got to get a grip on themselves. Everybody is going to be at risk. Everybody has to, you know, adhere to personal responsibility if they want to keep themselves, you know, from getting sick or they don't want to play. They can opt out up until August 1st, I believe They should, You know, Honestly, if JaMarcus Lawrence is really truly worried, and Russell Wilson are worried about their pregnant Children, then or their pregnant wives, I should say then they shouldn't play. They really shouldn't. I mean Matt had that decision to make to you know, because he had to go to practice and he had a pregnant wife at home. And, you know, now you know, we have, you know, a five day old. So you know, the point being is that You know, everybody is taking risks all over the place. The baseball players. They're not in a bubble. They're going home after their games. You know, I know that basketball teams are in a bubble when I know they've got a snitch line. Make sure you know, you know who's not staying in the bubble Who's leaving? Who could potentially come back and be a problem? But you know, everybody's just gotta realize you know what it is a risk that everybody's.

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