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Of jury duty to trial of robert tres. I'm your host carryanne polls. In the coming weeks we look forward. To beginning our deep dive into aspects of robert durst life that even avid followers of this case in our oral history of durst life. We'll hear from robert durst in his own words from both trial testimony and his own writings as read by actor. David kelsey look out for this new series beginning next week. However with bombshell testimony in court this week we're dedicating this episode to presenting the latest updates from the trial of robert durst. Before we get into this week's events would like to bring in my co host brittany bookbinder to discuss the final chapter in our series. On the life of susan berman the woman whom durst is charged with murdering brittany. What stuck out to you in that last episode on berman by all accounts it sounds like susan. Berman had a complicated relationship with even her closest friends and one thing that really stood out to me was that while she didn't have the easiest time with adults. It sounds like she was great with kids. Yeah you're right. She did seem to have a maternal relationship to her friends. Kids yeah there was that sweet anecdote about susan. Accompanying nick shavings young daughter on a cross country flight. And then there's paul kaufman's adult children it. I wonder if she had an easier time connecting with young people because it sounds like the happiest time in her life was her childhood. Yeah and perhaps she was so trusting of durst because he reminded her of her father. Well we'll see and hear more about susan as presented by the lawyers in this case but for now we're going to delve into the events from last week and that's coming right up after the break want the epoch staff extraordinary stuff the edge of your seat stuff you now the good stuff with a mc plus you can watch the best of amc bbc america. I have see sundance now. Shudder and more hungry for horror. Feast on shutters chilling originals like creepshow season two and killer premieres trained bussan presents peninsula. Got a need for speed. The boys are back with an epic tour of the uk as top gear racist through new season. All available on aim plus ad free and on demand. Start your free trial today at. Amc plus dot com amc plus only the good stuff while the defense and prosecution share very little common ground. in this case there is one point. Upon which both sides seem to agree the question of robert durst guilt the murder of susan berman hinges upon whether or not. He was responsible for the disappearance of his wife. Kathy in one thousand nine hundred eighty two for most of the last week the jury heard from one witness who is particularly familiar with this chapter and robert durst story. The court played for the jury. The testimony of the lead detective in the investigation into kathy durst disappearance manhattan police. Detective named michael struck the eight plus hours. A video and audio was recorded in november of two thousand seventeen during four grueling days of questioning detective struck was originally called by the defense in an attempt to demonstrate that he had conducted a reasonable investigation based on the information available to him. At the time and was able to come up with sufficient evidence to charge robert durst with a crime. Dicta garin ask detective struck to reflect on his performance in this case a cook disclaimer. The recording of these proceedings is riddled with sounds of cracking and coughing from within the courtroom. And some things may be hard to hear. We have done our best to clean up the sound and to repeat or paraphrase. Those statements that are particularly difficult to understand. So i'm gonna ask your s to solve this mystery. Threes with my professional and personal did what would we could with what we were presented with with wet direction. We had I had helped his case in flooding rations. Took a lot of your home's made copies of because they know that if it wasn't saw over the years hopefully the remain.

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