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And they remind me so you would know from Sabin experience. Bella check has got to love that. He's got to love the fact that there were an underdog, right? These guys try to create these environments early this year in college football and the excitement told the media police talk bad about my football team right now granted in the national championship say this ban about it. But and things change, but until it changes greenie, I'm not going against the guy. Like I said a couple of weeks ago. I'm taking Brady today. Tomorrow and twice on Sunday. Here's the fatal play the game. The words you're saying they're playing it Sunday late evening voice with a lunar eclipse, by the way and freezing cold temperatures. But the one thing I will say is the patriots were totally different teams this year home in Rhode nine including playoffs at home. They only trailed in one of those games and that was against Kansas City, but three and five on the road. You know, Marcus don't care about your numbers. But what does it mean? It means that it matters. I do think that I would pick the chiefs in this game. And I think the chiefs have been better for the course of the season. I think it's always makes you scared to pick against the patriots. But at some point everything ends, and I believe this could end and it's not as if the chiefs Andy Reid are bad against Bill Belichick. Andy Reed's teams I've been able to score points and even been able to win you remember when we said the chiefs or excuse me, the patriots dynasty was over a few years ago went on Monday night. The chiefs routed them like they're going to have a good game plan. It's not going to be a blow out. I wouldn't be shocked if the pats win, but also you're you're acting as if it's like the chiefs have no chance. No, I'm not acting that way. I'm just I'm just thinking about who's been in the Super Bowl. I don't. Andy Reid did against Bill Belichick. He'd been in the Super Bowl. I watch Bella check in the Super Bowl. I watched him. But when he lost the patriots a long time ago. Yeah. Okay. The the most recent Super Bowls was Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. I they came back against that Lanta and they lost against philli who had a Cinderella season. Better. Get some if you want to them, I'm not doing it. I can't I can't argue with the word of that. As we continue. He is the all time leading passer. But do we consider drew Brees to be an all time? Great quarterback. What does he have at stake this weekend opinion, it's more than absolutely anyone else? We'll explain hey, he spent the prime of his career with the magic. What was it like playing with shack back in those legendary days penny? Hardaway live on the way, get up on ESPN coach any..

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