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And here's something you need to know the majority of people who ordered the three week quickstart now only nineteen ninetyfive go on to order more let's see if we can get you out of pain to go to relieffactor dot com china says it's filled a suffice that is a second complaint to the world trade organization over the us moved to impose tariffs on chinese goods in a brief statement the chinese government stated at beijing submitted the wto complaint against measures taken by the us the us government has imposed twentyfive percent duties on thirty four billion dollars of imports from china the first in a series of possible increases that president trump says could affect up to five hundred fifty billion dollars of chinese goods correspondent dennis crowley says china's retaliated with tariffs on a similar amount of us goods a pilot and four passengers survived when the small plane crashed in orange beach alabama saturday morning police say the plane flying the group was from louisiana going to alabama for a golf outing when it went down in a wooded area around nine thirty all were able to walk away from the incident more on these stories at townhall dot com a northern nevada school district has settled a first amendment lawsuit with an eighth grade student who said his rights were violated when he was told his progun tshirt violated the district's dress code the wash county school district had the boys attorneys announced friday the district has up dated it's dress coat and no longer banned clothing that promotes weapons it has allowed the student aware a firearms policy coalition tshirt the statement says the school district will also pay a portion of the voice legal fees school district attorney neil roberto says the school district took an immediate corrective response wants the lawsuit was filed and says the district understands the importance of individual student expression patrick fos reporting the federal judge expected to hear arguments on monday by the trump administration asking to grant some exemptions to the tuesday deadline for reuniting illegal immigrant children with their families administration says the time.

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