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But I don't know US would you be would you object to voting off you'll and then they kind of went that direction. Yeah I actually agree with tasks is saying here because we even heard from Nick in in this episode it feels like history really did him in here to the idea that he is a game bought and he is thinking five steps ahead and he's obviously well liked and nick says he's worried about going with you'll because you'll sort of makes the decisions because he's so much smarter than everybody else so it's cool even if you're with them but you're locked into his set plans and everybody then knows that really you'll is the one running things within a smaller sort of alliance. I think there is some truth. Like I think what Nick's thinking is if I roll with Wendell and of course with Michelle there right now. I'm at least a little closer on par with a guy like Wendell especially when it comes to like making the plans strategizing. Where if I'm with you'll even if the cases I'm fifty fifty and we're making these all these decisions together. That's not going to be the perception. Everyone's going to be like no. No you will did that. You'll came up with that and you were just a number. I think there's something I think there's some truth to that. I think that's actually smart thinking by Nick like even if I roll with Newell and I'm great all the way to the end. No one's GonNa believe me really that I did anything of course outside of like backstabbing. You'll later down the line which is always a play but yeah I think you're sort of right there task. I think he's just like I just roll with you'll have screwed and that's the real old school versus new school. Dichotomy is that people like Boston Rob Sandra Poverty. You'll as a previous masterminded in the game. They've got the reputation that it's like. It's not necessarily that. They're not playing the game at the same speed as the new school people but the new school people watch these people for ten years. They built statues for rob and Sandra. They're just voting the begins. It's like if Michael Jordan showed up at a one on one tournament. He would be the first guy you. WanNa get up. Because he's Michael Jordan. Yeah no you're right so look well. I'm sure we'll get into this a little bit more here but the other big news from this episode was Sandra quitting edge of extinction. This is the first scene we get Sandra arriving edge and we sort of get them telling their version of what happened and Sandra really breaks it. Down DENISE MY IDOL. She turns around and took me out with it and they're all like dumbfounded. I mean Boston Rob at one point. Says you let your feet in the game shock and then what felt like thirty seconds later after Tyson explains Oh yeah this this place sort of soccer gotta go up on mountain to get a right. She's like all right piece of Sia and just goes in waves the white flag and quits and I guess my question on that is. She's won the game twice. She calls herself to Queen..

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