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Fits. Certain like I mean I watch all the Gilligan's island episode but I mean, you watch one you've watched the more like they all have the same premise. Yeah but I mean like the few that I can remember and when. There's this little. To me like. it makes sense but that doesn't really fit right like this little things that they do or say that you like. Doesn't quite. Doesn't quite. convincing. You know I hear you. Okay well. I Yeah I feel you on that I. Feel you on that. So jig nation apparently who amongst your wants to help us right a dark Gilligan's island. Let's let's. Let's make this happen dark Gilligan's island. That's right this because we put now great ideas. For Hollywood the steal out here. I Booth Oh Fresh sprint so. Nothing is impossible. All right lasting lasting ties into this Marianna Ginger. Always, been, marrying. Throw talking about Marianne all day everyday and I don't even like coconut cream pie but. Marianne all day. Yeah I'm always been is funny I I saw post. Actually been today. A. Modern Day version of that like they had like two women and was like a career woman's you went to school got two degrees is like a lawyer talking about the the the WHOA career woman to With the. I don't know why but always go for the good but. Why picked I, picked the the the lawyer one too because I was like, well, she gets sick of me and then she was like making like super bread sounds like she's sick she gets sick of me kick me out. That's cool because I'm getting that spousal support Dan. I I ain't trying to mess with you know. Like. Three kids whatever and I'm like and then and then the other one kicks I go the other one and she gets supported me while best we'll miss with the other one in her kids play video games whatever. That will is going to conclude this episode. Of the original Jack podcast brought to you by he I to bless your ear balls I am your host rock Mr Magic and he is the DNA and we WanNa thank you for listening but we could not do this alone. Not Without all you jake continue to support us by pressing play on each and every episode we put out. So we thank you for that.

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