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The raids had begun in everyone arrested was given a phone call so they had a chance to set up child care looking at the roads now this Dan Boyle heights on the eastbound side of ten just passed the five we have a crash with only the left lane open I've got you Jan this is the center of the portion of can't get you can't back to the one oh one commerce seven ten south bound Atlantic to Florence all lanes closed by Caltrans until around five AM Victor five south or eastern instead and all in close about valley and what bands on the four oh five Warner to magnolia until six AM that again through seal beach four oh five north bound seal beach Boulevard to six all body till about five AM you also have the sixty four mon going this weekend he's been seven six year of Ontario between fifteen and two fifteen all laid shut down until Monday morning around five AM at this hour your best option is the ten he's moving freely if you have to see a like a falling down give us a call route seventy time traffic line is eight eight eight five hundred five zero zero three KFI in the sky helps get you there faster on property but you feel we can forecast is next as the warm weather returns do as he does termites and other annoying pests take a stand this year with the five star pest control expert to crop Metcalf their pest control technicians have the training and techniques to stop speedos termites or any other past that might be bugging you and your family call one eight hundred go cross or visit crop Metcalf dot com for more and remember of the five star technician and proud partner of the Washington nationals for all your vehicle care you need experience honesty and integrity certified female friendly manner curry's Cressman auto care rockstar technicians you can trust.

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