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The un has voted to condemn the president's decision to recognize jerusalem as making headlines back east right now and while all around the world couple of people now arrested in that car attack in australia guy drove his car through a crowd i mean the the story is the same thankfully only nineteen people injured but two people arrested not just the driver but a guy who was nearby will explain a little bit later in fact the bottom of this hour and the update on the thomas fire very very windy once again more of forty fifty sixty mile an hour wind gusts through the area the thomas fire it's now two hundred and seventy two thousand two hundred acres which is officially the secondlargest fire since the early thirties since the depression in california at sixty percent contained and just the about a thousand acres to go before it becomes a largest far we've seen in uh in eighty plus years but we start with a death can ask them debt alzaq let me find the death music and any death music fidesz explain what their what the death i'm very sad about this by this was the first story i saw today and the one that's made me the saddest and think it was because i threw the way that uh the way that it is i don't know if it's because my elf and this elf share the same name noor lines it hit hard there is a mother from wiley texas brittany meese and she hates the elf on the shelf.

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