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I always ask you this question. I'll ask you one more time. Are you prepared? I am prepared for the Bengals Eagles on Sunday and for the bear Cats and Black Knights tomorrow. Give me the final store ready to go nights. The Cats final score. I think the bear cats are going to win that game by about 11 Point about 31 to 20 for a final score on that day, Sheriff write that down. How about Sunday Eagles? The Bengals? The Bangles take advantage of the Eagles battered offensive line, missing three guys that were supposed to be starters going into this season, Randy Bullock atones for his weak one missed that would have forced overtime and boots, a game winning field goal in front of no fans in Philadelphia. As the Bengals come home with their first win of the job, Burrow era 24 2 23. Well, write that down, Sheriff tonight. Reds vey Twinkies. Tyler Malli gets the job done, and we're celebrating the return of baseball. With a little help in the National League. Has the Reds moved closer? To Ah, participating in the postseason. Deer Park, the Madeira I will go in Deer Park going where your loyalty got Good. Alright, Dano. Good luck to you. Good luck today. Velappan. We'll see what happens on Sunday. And good luck to Jim Kelly. Good luck to the cats. Thanks. Really will take it and God bless America, Dan Horde. Thank you very much. Thank you for your back. Let's continue with more. Your comments of any 513749 7000 plus I have ESPN is Mark Jones going to call the game tomorrow? For the cats against the Army. He said. Ah, vows to dismiss fire Security detail at the football game tomorrow with you see it? Never. He said. Quote. I would rather not have the officer shoot me. Police never saved me. Never helped me. Never protected me. Never taken a bullet for me. So says E s pans. Mark Jones this morning he's the ESPN. Broadcaster to do the game between army and the bear Cats. And he will dismiss his security detail provided by the University of Cincinnati slash since I police because he doesn't does not want to be shot. In Cincinnati. So says ESPN is Mark Jones. Want to get your reaction to that, and so much more blind becomes available. 749 7000 Bill Cunningham news radio 700 wlw. I don't know if you've noticed, but the Reds were in the race for postseason play..

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