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Barati Ellie with Borodin Ellie funeral home. This year is we celebrate fifty years of quality service to our community. We continue to embrace the same ideals that my parents, Bob and Pat Borodin Elian instilled in our staff day, we opened our doors help families honor a life. Well, lived and Taylor services that he'll hearts of those left behind quality service. Insincere compassion remain constant goals variety. Nellie funeral home since nineteen sixty eight always here. Always compassionate, always reliable. That's the Borodin Ellie difference. Explorer story in transformation at the academy for the love of learning in our three workshop series the power in story. The series is open to all that recognize the capacity of story to enliven, and he'll and individuals looking to either bring story into their practice or expand their current story work the series guides. Participants through a personal and collaborative story journey and introduces best practices for sharing story in community in work settings. Participants will experience the series three intensive that engage with story through individual in group, work, creative, and somatic expression and internal inquiry. The first weekend workshop can be taken in either the first week of March or may learn more about workshop. Details registration and scholarships for those under age twenty eight by visiting our website at a love of learning dot org or calling five oh five nine nine five eighteen sixty. Into business matters from Santa Fe chamber of commerce every Saturday morning at eleven twelve sixty KTAR see one of three seven Santa Fe's news talk leader here from local business. People community leaders about what's going on in the business community from the.

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