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American life, President Bush facing victory and defeat with modesty. Humor and uncommon grace. My colleague, Terry Moran. Looks back now on the remarkable life of George Herbert Walker. Bush January nineteen eighty nine. I George Herbert Walker Bush, solemnly swear. He was sixty four years old that he had long last reached the pinnacle of American power, but for George H W Bush, the presidency was really just one chapter in a remarkable lifetime of service to our country a record of heroism and leadership. He found hard by his nature to discuss. I may sometimes be a little awkward, but there's nothing self conscious in my love of country today in a noisier and coarser political era. It's almost hard to imagine that such a man so thoroughly decent so moderate in his beliefs and style could be president. You must feel responsibilities. Other must believe in serving others. I think that's has fundamental tentative my life. George Bush was born on the twelfth of June nineteen twenty four into the privileged world of the eastern establishment. His father Prescott Bush was a United States Senator from. In Connecticut, a Republican on his eighteenth birthday in one thousand nine hundred forty two George enlisted to fight in World War Two. Becoming the youngest pilot in the US navy two years later on his fiftieth mission his plane was shot down over the Pacific. I knew if I wasn't rescued I would be captured. And it was it was a harrowing experience after the war Bush came home and married. His teenage sweetheart Barbara Pierce and over the years. They had six children future. President George W Bush future, Florida. Governor Jeb sons, Marvin Neil daughter Dorothy and a little girl named Robin who died of leukemia at the age of three in one thousand nine hundred eighty three the pain of that loss was still evident years later in an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, very close to her. I'm sure. Jordan. What was it that told you back up on your feet afterwards? He was very strong. Then it was wonderful, George and Barbara Bush were married longer than any first couple in the nation's history after college at Yale University. Bush moved to Texas became a successful oilman and won a seat in congress in nineteen sixty six then Kim a string of high profile appointments serving the country in so many ways now embassador Bush from the United Nations to unveil to China to director of the CIA. I will put politics totally out of my sphere of activities. But.

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