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I shouldn't really say hate. Because really i don't hate her now because i realized that she has a job and that she has to do her job that she's there to represent her client on. But you know when. I hear her. Say to amy dirty hands you know and you you know a man will never understand how how how you feel being in an authoritative position and no no. That's that's not right. that's not right. A man doesn't understand being passed up for a position that is given to a woman who does not have the same credentials of the same years of service are the ability to do the same job. That's where the resentment starts. But i wanna make sure that it's very clear. The resentment didn't come from a man. In this position it came from women other women that had been passed up for this promotion that amy got that had way more years of experience in law enforcement than amy date. So i look you know. Listen i look forward to that case moving forward and i look forward to the things that are going to come out of it As far as these other people like you know that are being deposed. It's the same question. Has this case caused you. Emotional and psychological stress. Has it caused you of psychological stress on you and on your family and your wife. Well guess what ma'am. It's called psychological stress on me and my family because we were targeted by josh weights. So if you're gonna come in these depositions and flip it and try to claim that these ass clowns that have now the office of the inspector. General has stated committed crimes. They don't get to say that. Because i posted this on my social media and outed them for doing it and because i talked about it on this podcast. They don't get to say that they've been harmed emotionally. And psychologically these are police officers that are corrupt that committed crimes and they are exempt from having emotional stress. They're only getting emotional stress because they're asked got caught. We have experienced emotional and psychological stress. We have are the ones who have cried at night. Wondering where is this going to go. How do we prove the lies. That have been told about us how why did this. Man infest through the cracks of of our family and work his way in and tried to destroy the relationship that i have with my two oldest children. You know this man pumping it for tax information to them and letting and getting them to leak it to the press and then him leak it to the press himself. These are crimes. These are things that you should not be doing. He does not get to claim emotional stress so with all due respect. I do not really dislike josh. Wait attorney anymore. Because i mean you know she has. You know she's got this little this little relationship going on and we're respectful to each other. And i respect that now. Appreciate that anderson that she's going to represent her client to the best of her abilities. Just like christopher nala whitson. Jonathan deluca are going to represent juliana in this case But annarita. I do want you as a suggestion. You know maybe think about the harm that spin calls to me and my family even though you are representing the other side and i know that you have a job to do think about just as a common courtesy seat from one fellow human being to the next. Put yourself in our shoes. What if josh wade had came after you and your husband and had fabricated evidence and had falsified documents and done all of this agree gis behavior just to be able to gain notoriety by.

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