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We'RE THE THIRTY SECOND. Pick in the two thousand eighteen. Nfl draft the Baltimore. Ravens Select Lamar Jackson in the two thousand seventeen. Nfl draft Pittsburgh steelers select TJ linebacker. Kost pick in two thousand seventeen drive to New Orleans. Select Alvin Kamara running back Tennessee back. Welcome to the NFL. Pa snapback sports POD WE PARTNER WITH THEM which was super awesome. We sat down and talked to a Hook Them. Yes Texas longhorn legend Malcolm Roads defensive tackle big men affront. Little known. Fact is that he was actually a skill position player. Then he was a linebacker. He's moved all around you so fresh raw at the DT position. I'm super excited to see what he can do. In the League. We talked all things. How come we talked is Texas back obviously and we talked about his future in the NFL. I can't wait for you guys to hear it. Let's get it super excited to welcome Malcolm Roach University of Texas at Austin. A COMBINES LARRY O. First Longhorn ever on the PODCAST. Markham honored to have you man. How's it going good? I appreciate you guys have known the show no problem. Let's take a look. This is the second Longhorns your shaded our boy. Joe Well that's true we do have a friend Joe Schwarz who played for the basketball team. But we're talking like everyone knows. Jodi there's words but we're talking. Nfl level Longhorn. So Malcolm let's just kick it off with the question. Everyone's been waiting for are. We backed all well. I think we're headed in the right direction. You know this year. It wasn't what we wanted to be but I think every year we're headed in the right direction. Term is doing a great job either buying into the culture more and more every year so The where we put in work guys and I'm not putting a don't show on the field. You know up you guys down to the question. Yeah obviously want me to answer it. No Aves not going to get the answer. I'm GonNa Answer is yes you're like you said we are moving in the right direction. Which is the important part and honestly without injuries. We probably would have had a much better season. You look at you know. One of our first Games. We probably played L. I know what I'm saying way I'd invite you probably play. Lsu Out of every team honesty in the entire country better than Clemson gave him the National Championship. Alr- game tough Ron. But we had him on the roads. We really dead so I think injuries aside. We are moving in the right direction. Yea Come out these machines. Fish taken care of well You know a lot of sportsmen grape plant time and things like that so know moving on for the future. I think they're going to be pretty good true. I cool so fast forward through the college experience into the Nfl Pa collegiate bowl so you got a chance to go to the collegial and From what we've heard it was a great experience you learn a lot. You get identifying game. What was the collegiate all like for you? It was a great experience. You know it was. It was nothing like I thought it would be You know I was going up there. You know Going to be in Kelly. You know going to be able to enjoy myself when it would. You were busy but he was good busy. Learning from you know guys in the NFL. I was in the NFL. You know learning from people in the PTA Whichever to do as a rookie which able to do like well. How has your back and things like that but also learn about things my life at the football and a guy like The guy that runs the show all American who does so all Americans based off. Check that Hell. Yeah he was able to come back and talk to us and things like that so It was it was. It was bad being in a great experience. And know got to meet with a lot of teams and just showcase your town teams. Where's there was there any point during the whole NFL? I mean the clear process where you're like maybe a little starstruck at something when I was talking to you. Just like wow. I can't believe that I'm getting advice from from south I had When out within non in a meeting room earn you know you're sitting down in a meeting room with actual NFL coaches and you're going through meeting but NFL goes through and you just said there okay again real now you know he's not really talking to me and you know and they just they just not shoe company they really keeping it real what you like action on a team put him you know? Go into the game. We had the mindset that it was a real game we leading up to the game so That's what I was kind of just sending the means and you know The coach really coaching us up. And we know not donor for a paycheck. We're actually going out. Be a competitive trying to win. I feel like that's like a very underrated. Part of the whole like trying to get to the league part is like yeah you meet with these teams and teams are people are phrasing like yeah. He met with so. And so that's a job interview but it's not just like a casual DA- pup have some launch like it's a legitimate job interview so you said you met with a whole bunch of teams and you met with all the head coaches specifically or most of them. Most of the coaches. I met with a lot of scouts and a lot of you. Know people at that position coaches and Bianco is you can quarter and things like that You know really didn't try to combine also right so I have a question about a few coaches. Let's start off with Mr Bill L. CHECK. Let's see like You know I really don't know what you like. You know everybody has their own with me. But I didn't know he's a winner You know and they say they have a good coach over the New England show Pays because you know they win. Gmc like what about Andy? Reid did you get the chance to meet him to read. I feel like it would be like meaning Santa Claus Malcolm Sedan. Like you said you answer the combine and can I just mention to everyone? Listening Malcolm was moving. I didn't know you had that four eight four. I was watching you sleep. Yeah a big man moving like that. I don't watch Texas football I do. I've never seen him with the opportunity. Just full out sprint for forty yards. Where is that speak? Come from now all my life. I've been pretty fast nerve older brother. He played cornerback. All my friends play like skills with business like that. So you know young plan in the street I was always bigger than a guy so I had to catch them and things like that so It would it would just a natural talent. I had to be fast. Because I've been around fastball my life so you know going out there and running I knew I was going to run a time 'cause I've been doing it all my life I wouldn't suck back so so. You're you've done very dependent on your speed of some sort but obviously you play on a d line. You have to get to the quarterback in more ways than one. Would you take more enjoyment out of running through offense of Wyman putting him on a disease or making a mess and maybe doing a swim? Move and just leave him in the dust and using your speeds. It's quarterback I had to say own offense around just because I feel like anybody's able to go out there and you know this off mom and you know win like that but It takes like true wheel power dominate Moan at Graham So again what I just run it through all sorts and putting them on their ass. I love that so let me ask you about the combine. So was there any that was like we see all those rumors all those crazy stories and I know they. Prep you for stuff like that. The Wild questions you might get asked did you actually get asked.

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