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Limit three on limit three on Corolla. Limit. Six on scissors. Staples miking with WBC's traffic on the three most slowly but surely we are getting there. This rain is making its way through the state of Massachusetts. Really all of the eastern New England at this point here on the Cape and islands still seeing plenty of thunderstorms out there. South Coast has a bit of a break just some rain showers right now. Heavy rain as well, making its way into the city of Boston and points west out through Springfield and Worcester for the rest of the night. You will see this rain from time to time. Could see some flooding in the usual spots. You know those areas of your town where we get a lot of rain, it ponds a little bit. So keep that in mind tonight, just about 60. For tomorrow. We could have a couple of showers in the morning. Them breezy. Not quite so humid mix of sun and clouds high in the mid seventies, Saturday and Sunday, both weekend days, looking pretty good with a high on Saturday in the mid seventies and on Sunday to the eighties Live Local and fiercely independent. This is WBZ NewsRadio. It is wet right now in Boston, for sure. Very heavy. Steady rain right now. 72 degrees at 6 15 on your Thursday night. Good evening. I'm Nicole Davis. Great to be with you. And here are the five things you need to know. DPH confirming 2096 new covid cases Tonight, I thought of just about 85,000 new tests. 18 more people have died at the White House President Biden rolling out a sweeping new covid plan. Today, he says all companies around the country with more than 100 employees have to require workers to get the shot or test weekly. Okay. Bear flight carrying seven people crashing today in Provincetown Town Manager Alex Moore says everyone on board survived in Boston Police say they've identified the suspect who vandalized American flag set up in the public garden. No word on their idea, But we do know they got a court.

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