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O W. Chattanooga cumulus Media Station from ABC News. I'm Michelle Franzen. At the White House this past hour President Biden taking his case to pass his covert rescue relief plan directly to the American people and calling on Congress to act lot of folks are losing hope. I believe the American people looking right now to their government for help to do our job to not let them down. So I'm going to act. I'm gonna act fast. The president says he still wants bipartisan support, but says the Republicans counter offer, which is about a third of his plan falls short. The Senate passed a budget resolution with some amendments to advance the boom. Nearly 900 GOP amendments were drafted as part of a marathon debate on the budget resolution in the Senate on Lee, a fraction of those were considered with a few victories for Republicans. Senators approved an amendment that would prevent the federal minimum wage from increasing to $15 an hour during the pandemic. South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham most small businesses in South Carolina and throughout the country. I've been struggling to stay open and another amendment was passed. That would prevent undocumented immigrants from receiving stimulus checks was officials. The ABC News from Washington. The Labor Department Jobs report shows the U. S economy created 49,000 jobs in January, not enough to make up for the millions of Americans that have filed for jobless claims in the pandemic. As the covert 19 response team briefing today, health experts say they're sending military personnel to help with the rollout of vaccination sites. CDC Director Rochelle Wolinsky also says cases are beginning to trend downward. United States continues to see a decrease in covert 19 cases. That's its peak on January 8th. The number of new cases on February 3rd approximately 121,000 represents a 61% decreased since the peak. On January 8 law enforcement agencies continuing to search for suspects in the wake of the U. S. Capitol siege this ahead of the next week's impeachment trial against former President Trump begins You're listening to ABC News. For what it's worth. I'm Brian Clark. No matter where you are in the U. S. The question remains the same where to find a coronavirus shot, Dr. Steven Hodge, president of the drug company, Moderna tells ABC News. One of the big challenges is this is moved from a science exercise to really an engineering one and like any complicated supply chain There are many steps and making a vaccine that you need to plan for And as you ramp up production, you run into bottlenecks, and what you need to do is attack those bottlenecks and develop solutions. He says. One solution for his company's vaccine maybe Tupac even more doses into every vile instead of 10 doses. Put 15. And ultimately that might relieve that bottom. Another proposal is to use what should be a patient's second shot to give more people their first shot. But Dr Hodge says it's possible that one dose would provide some benefit. But we really just don't have any data to prove that at this point So as Madonna. We try to stick to the data in the science what we have or what it's worth, Brian Clark ABC News.

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