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Heartburn well Yeah and moving on. We're going to switch gears here. Stay because we have some really great news. Now we have to say. Congratulations to you. you're going to be going to a courtroom judge. This is an unscripted courtroom. comedy series. Called judge steve. And you're going to take on a variety of conflicts and characters from small-claims too big disputes. That sounds fun out. It zoo show are created and came up with an executive producer and are pitched it and they love the idea. What it is is going to be. It's going to be real cases. People signed affidavits debt. Actual real cases. And i'm allowed to settle the dispute. Now i can use the law or steve law. Oh boy can use better judgment can use my judgment. How can throw it out dismiss it. I can rule how won't rule and everybody has to go along with it It's going to be a different take on. Jude shows. It will not be your regular. Yes sir I mean. I just got to go through i you know. Do you have a bailiff. There will be a bailiff they are. They are looking for live now. I ain't nobody's settled on it. They looking for baylor. They're leaning they're leaning towards a woman. That's what i'm saying relations coming to. Abc all right. Save introducing ladies and gentlemen. Miss an trip. Thank you very much and welcome back. Steve this interpret the news nationally. The death toll from hurricane tropical storm ida stands at sixty eight so far in louisiana many remain without power. That may be the situation for some time. Especially in the southeastern part of the state new orleans councilman j. Bank says situation as awful. There were rooms that the ceilings caved in that. Obviously warhead gotten into There's one where clearly the lady there was no way she could sleep because the ceiling tiles had fallen wet on the bed to the bed was soaking wet. President biden personally surveyed. The damage left by hurricane ida in louisiana last week today he visits new york city especially the part of queensboro queens which was really very badly hit and there are many deaths there and also in new jersey as of yesterday labor day. Some nine million. Americans lost their unemployment benefits now labor day. Cbs poll shows most americans favor a hike by the way in the minimum wage. The current federal holly rage is hourly wage is seven dollars and twenty five cents and seven out of ten americans. Think that should be higher as you would expect support for a minimum wage. Hike is higher among those with lower incomes and politically eighty five percent of democrats. Think the minimum should be higher. Fifty two percent of republicans agree with that sixty seven percent of people making more than one hundred thousand dollars favor. An increase while seventy four percent of those making less than fifty grand. Feel the same way. Texas governor greg. Abbott's approval rating is tanking since his state moved to restrict access to voting an emotion abortions. The portland oregon city council is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a proposal to ban doing any business with the state of texas because of its recently passed. Antiabortion law portland. Mayor ted wheeler wants to ban any state employees business travel as well texas not only bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected but also allows them basically wards any citizen to sue anybody who they receive or or perceive of has helped a woman receive an abortion finally said and shocking news. You heard moments ago actor. Michael kenneth williams dead at age fifty four officials calling his passing the result of an overdose of they think of offensive. No laced heroin. Williams a brilliant actor best known for his parts and several movies in boardwalk empire. Who's a five time emmy nominee. Who was most recently nominated for his work lovecraft country and he played omar little on the why mike mike and his And he was scary. Michael k williams found dead in brooklyn apartment. Now back to the steve harvey morning show. You're listening to morning show trending headlines. President biden says he'll defend women's right to choose after. The supreme court failed to strike down in texas abortion law that makes the procedure illegal. Six weeks after pregnancy. The president said in a statement. This extreme texas law blatantly violates the constitutional right established under roe versus wade and Upheld as president for nearly half a century the president added that his administration will protect and defend the law established with the weight. But it's not exactly clear what biden will or can do in the future supports. Abortion rights are seeking a more defined strategy to counter the high court's inaction to the texas law. There's got to vote in texas areas series. I don't understand you know. I did see a little bit of this while i was away. I don't understand this in texas. They you can do whatever you wanna do with your body when it comes down to a mask but then when it comes down to a woman's body you gotta do what here by tear you. You get a choice which.

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