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But that we actually protect their retirement. I tend not to be an education governor, but the public education governor, and we can pay for this in part by repealing the private vouchers that are currently draining one hundred million dollars from our budget. Thank you so much with two minutes left in this. Debate quickly. Give me your views twenty seconds each of you on criminal Justice reform mister met. I think my of being the governor would be to issue a proclamation to stop police and law enforcement from arresting people for possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal consumption that would clog the court system, it would reduce the fear and the youth that would cause them to shoot a police officer for fear of being arrested. Furthermore, we also need to go through and teach our jurors how to be a good juror by acquitting people of a crime. That has no victim we can unclog the court system. And and that's a great. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. met, Mr Kim twenty certainly support the good work of of governor deal in the legislature on criminal Justice reform. I think in the future, though, our next step is to have robust public safety reform, which includes my two plans to stop and dismantle. Gangs and to go after drug cartels. There's is not a more important issue to myself for my wife Marty in the father of three teenage daughters and to keep our family safe. And that is exactly what I will do is your governor. Thank you, so much, Mr. Kemp, miss Abrahams, twenty seconds, please we have done great work under governor Nathan deal and criminal Justice reform, but we're not done yet. We need to decriminalize being poor in the state of Georgia. That means decriminalizing certain traffic offenses, we need to make certain that we lowered the age at which juvenile can be treated agrees and agent, which do and I'll be can be treated as an adult. But we also have to do the work of transition. Those were coming out of our prisons and going back into our communities needs the support of housing and access to jobs, and we have to have stronger public safety and community safety. That's why I wanna make certain there are local law enforcement those county sheriff's. The funding today. In fairness, I have to interrupt one. Final question tonight from Mr. Bill. This is a yes, no question because we're short on time governor deal just today announced a special session after the election designer ROY Moore hurricane relief. But lawmakers will also get the chance to make permanent jet fuel tax break for delta and other air carriers. Yes, or no. Would you support that tax break mismatch you? I know. Yes. Yes. Now time come for closing statements from each of our candidates Stacey Abrams. You get the first closing statement this evening. I wanna thank Jordan's for tuning in and listening to this conversation. There's a lot of disagreement about who we are. But there is no disagreement in my mind about where we need to go. This is a state that needs to move forward. The needs to recognize that we all deserve to live in a place where everyone has the freedom and the opportunity to thrive and the only candidate not only with a strong record a bipartisan leadership, but with clear comprehensive specific plans about what we do next educating our children from cradle to career investing in our small businesses, especially those that can't access Bank loans, making sure that we are creating new jobs through advanced energy. There were strengthening our agricultural sector and hospitality sector. But that we're bringing new jobs that we are supporting our LOC local law enforcement by making sure that those who are protecting as their lives can put food on their tables, and we have to expand, Medicaid, that's creating five hundred thousand new jobs. It's putting money into communities. I learned the values of family, faith, service and responsibility for my parents, and those are the values I will take when eilly Georgia and humbly ask for your vote miss Abrams. Thank you so much. Ted Mets, please give us your closing statements. Thank you. I am here before you to ask for your vote. This is going to be a runoff anyway. If you're tired of the two party system and the two party tyranny of the oligarchs running the planet than a vote for me as a protest vote to show them that you're sick and tired of the same old stuff. Basically being libertarian is leave me alone. Don't tell me what to do. And don't steal my stuff. I'm running to end corruption. Also to hold government accountable and to lower taxes. There's lots of ways to do that by stuffing government back inside of his constitutional constraints. Many people forgotten that the constitution is about holding government accountable to a small group of functions which include an equal playing field. Making sure that everyone has equal protection under the law as well as providing protection for our property and for our happiness, and we don't get that out of the government anymore. Government is in everything that we do and everything that we do has to have permission for government as time to stop Mr. Mets. Thank you. Brian Kip in his your turn this. This election is a fight for our future. My opponent is run. The most dishonest campaign Jordan's have ever seen. And here's why she's lying about my record to hide her extreme agenda. She wants higher taxes bigger government a single payer radical government takeover of health care and those are her moderate positions. She also wants to get taxpayer benefits, welfare and free college tuition to those here illegally, and she's even asking illegals to vote for her in this rice, not even California is that liberal, but with your vote you can end this. Craziness and as governor I'll invest in public education and give teachers race I'll cut taxes and lower healthcare costs, and I'll continue to streamline government fight for our conservative values, including our second amendment. Protect the hope scholarship and keep our classroom safe for our children. This race is about the soul of our future. And I'd be honored to have your thank you to all of you. You can exhale. Now, we got through the our everyone, give yourself a round of applause. That concludes our debate we like to remind voters at election day is Tuesday November six and early voting has begun. Our thanks to the candidates and to the panel of journalists who took part tonight when thank you..

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