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Haven't fans signed waivers, and all kinds of maybe just having twenty five percent of the crowd coming in to watch the game whatever by Hookah Crook. They would love to try to get a football season in. So I think this is just like a step. It doesn't mean that this is GonNa work or it. Fixes the problem by by just playing conference games instead of bringing other people in so it's it's very open year I I thought. There's a chance that we would get football. I'm not so sure now. Dog I'm really I'm not sure I think the NBA. Going to start, and we'll see what happens as we go forward, and I think that'll probably be the biggest test to see. If somehow some way you know, we can have football well. Look, and this is to me. This is actually universal to. The NBA bubble. It's a little different major league baseball's bubble, but but I I'm of the belief in. You're allowed to dispute this college ball. Players are way better off on campus. Then they are at home, and and and the reason is when you're on campus. Though you're not. You are bringing in people from all different areas of the country. You're at least in a protected environment. You least have the absolute best medical care you can get tested, which is incredibly expensive on a daily or weekly basis, and if you do papa positives I think Clemson had like twenty six kids papa positive. You're going to get the best treatment as opposed to if you're at home. The environment is not contained by the world has opened up whether you wear masks or don't wear a mask. Some people some states are making it. Mandatory some are making a mandatory, but not enforced. Some are not making it mandatory, so the point is that you're. It's not like you're coming from quarantine bubble and going to the wild wild west. From an open environment and going to some sort of bubble. Area with far better medical protection. Right and that's how they're already pop pop a positive and that's Oh. Yeah, by the way why they're getting treated and I think ultimately they will hopefully be fine. Knock knock on wood. I think that's and it's a real and legitimate argument to say hey, look. If we, we bring in non conference schools like one. We don't know if they're going to play. We don't know if they have the funding, so let's and even if they do play. We don't actually know how much they've been tested. Or if they've been in quarantine the way we've been in quarantine, we know the big ten schools have the same all the same protocols. We know that they're all well funded. We know that they've all been tested. And if they popped up positive, they've been removed from their activities. I actually think this is the safest and smartest way and I I think the big ten. Though some people synnex will say that this. This is the big ten you know jumping ahead and doing like a preemptive strike. It's not it's they've come to a conclusion kind of quickly that this is the smartest most likely to have a football season and look big ten and granted. It was different commissioner, but they've done a lot of things ahead of the curve mostly for the good of college football, and especially the good of the big ten, and it's worked whether it's their own network was conference expansion and I think it stands to reason that they believe this is the path most likely to give us an a college football season. Yeah I! Get it I still not sure that..

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