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Career I'm just saying I feel like he's had a successful career throw it out three two three five three twenty four twenty three at seventeen shows or Twitter so free to tweet at me also trending is midnight sun Stephanie Meyer who wrote the twilight books is touting her new twilight book after she cancelled series one of those things that I've done with this I want to stretch myself here in like ten years there's like all right all right another what you want to write another one yeah because happy teacher appreciation day so should this go to your mom's now your dads who were at home bust in there but I think so right that's something that isn't being talked about is the slide as they're calling it because it does feel like there's a slide like Jack school is call and go and go and where my little brothers when they were out here their school is half past three parents across the nation growing increasingly anxious with schools closed for months as education experts begin to warn of a possible Covance life for students heading into summer break kind of a double whammy starting to forget kind of academic mindset being out of school those young kids where we know learning happens at a really fast rate I'm worried about where they will be if they're going to be at the level they should be asked when they get back into school next year I do you think the learning loss is huge it is others no doubt for a Lotta reasons right your parents are some of them are in school I mean some of them are some of some of them are at work some of them are home your school is going at different hours I mean we had it when Jack was out here with a couple things we had to do and he could be their first class why because we're living our life this wasn't part of the program when we started lo those many many months ago that oh by the way come February time we got shut everything down because of covert nineteen so and his school is very much they're really they're they're they're into school like into like that Saturday class that was optional before all of this and it was one of those things where is wink wink nudge nudge optional but we'd really it you don't want you to be here where my brother's school is basically Hey this is a spoon don't stab somebody so there you go.

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