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Campfire on cape cod that happened in a fire pit used for roasting marshmallows at cape cod resort in hyannis no word on the boy's condition wbz news time one twenty an uber driver in denver is charged with murder reporter richard jordan says the guy apparently shot a passenger twenty nine year old michael hancock allegedly got into some sort of altercation with the man as they travelled on southbound i twenty five early friday morning hancock is accused of shooting the victim several times before crashing his car into a retaining wall an uber spokesman said the company is deeply troubled by the incident and will continue working closely with police police after crashing the car handcock told someone the passenger tried to attack him wbz news time one twentyone foul mouth will pay seventy five grand to settle the last of the lawsuits filed by people unhappy with the towns to wind turbines and all the cape cod times reports the tom will have paid more than a quarter million to settle the suits filed by residents who complained about noise and other problems both turbines by the way have been shut down in texas last night at santa fe high school graduation san ramona for students still trying to make sense of the mass killing there two weeks ago seniors at santa fe high school marking graduation ceremonies friday night in texas with a dose of reality after a fellow student shot and killed eight classmates in two teachers events which transpired on may of this year have deeply affected many of us in the small community corrigan garcia delivered the valedictorian speech telling graduates to stay strong stadium tonight and be brave be optimistic sunday parkland high school students will be strong in florida holding their own graduation ceremony following february's mass shooting michelle franzen abc news wbz news time one twenty two.

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