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Last week we covered how nineteen year old Ecuadorean Dorian Emigrant Lorena Gallo met twenty one year old Marine Lance corporal. John Wayne Bobbitt in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. We talked about their whirlwind courtship cholorine as allegations that John abused her throughout their marriage until June of nineteen ninety-three at that point. The couple considered getting divorced. I but Lorraina feared that John would stock her if they separated. Despite these worries she made plans to leave John that summer and spoke to several friends the neighbors about her intentions to move out. John and Lorena were still cohabitating on the night of June. Twenty Second Nineteen ninety-three that night John. John went out drinking with his friend. Robert Johnston who was staying at the Bob. It's apartment. The men returned home around three. A M Robert fell asleep on the living room couch and John went into the bedroom. Then according to Llerena John raped her afterward he fell asleep. Lorraina hysterical went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and spotted a knife on the counter. This week will explore the infamous infamous act of mutilation that ended John and Lorraine as marriage. We'll also talk about the charges brought against the couple and the highly publicized. Trials that followed food in our final episode. Next week will track what happened to John and Lorena and twenty five years. Since the media circus took over their wives Lorena Bobbitt does not have a clear recollection of what happened after she returned to the bedroom. On the morning of June twenty twenty-third nineteen ninety-three later. It became clear what she must have done but she doesn't have specific memories of going back to the bedroom and confronting hunting John before I continue with Lorraina psychology. Please note I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but I have done a lot of research for the show. Lorena May of had trouble remembering what happened that morning because the memories are too stressful for her to recall. According to a two thousand fifteen study study led by northwestern medicine scientists. Some memories are so traumatic that they cannot be consciously accessed. Dr Yellen Will Dula Vich. The principal investigator of the study said that when the brain stores traumatic memories. It's an entirely different system even at the genetic and molecular level then the one that encodes normal memories this different system of the brain acts as a protective mechanism to prevent a person from re experiencing an event that that will cause them distress. When Lorena went into the bedroom? John was in a deep sleep lying on his back. He woke up when he felt a jerk. Eric to his penis followed by searing pain then he solemn Reena dash out of the room out of the corner of his eye. Lorena grabbed her purse from the kitchen counter and fled the apartment. She got into her car and hurriedly drove off she was still holding the knife in one hand and her husband's opens penis in the other at one point she slowed at a stop sign and try to make a turn but she she couldn't rotate the wheel because her hands were full. She finally registered what she was holding and it hit her what she had done. She screened and flung the body part out of the cars. Open window back at the apartment. John was lightheaded from blood loss but he managed to get out of bed and apply pressure on his wound. He shook his friend Robert Awake on the couch. And said gotta go gotta go. It took a moment for Robert to understand what was happening. He thought John Was Waking Up to get ready for work and he went to the bathroom to brushes teeth then he noticed all the blood John told him. You'd better take me to the hospital. I've been cut. Robert recalled that on the drive over. John said they better be able to make me a new penis this when they reached the hospital. John seemed relaxed. He even stopped to chat with a friend he recognized in the ER waiting room. Physician Approach John. who was holding a bloody sheet over his lap? The ER doctor. Seeing the extent of the blood loss thought that John had cut his wrists and asked to see them. I'm John replied. It's not my hand that's cut. John pulled down his sweatpants to show the doctor shocked. The doctor telephoned the on call urologists logistics and told him to come in right away while John seemed almost unnaturally calm during his ordeal. Lorraina was in a state of panic back. She didn't know where to go so she drove to the salon where she worked there. She threw the knife away in the garbage bin outside the store the salon was empty. Eighty it was still just around four. AM SELENA got back into the car and drove to the home of her boss. Jan Zuhdi Lorena frantically pounded founded on her bosses door until she was allowed in. Janet could hardly understand Lorena. She was crying so hard when Lorraina calmed down enough to explain in what happened. Jonah immediately called the police by this time. The urologist Dr James Sane had arrived at the hospital to see John. He observed that John's penis had been completely amputated at the base. It was a clean cut. He recalled almost surgically precise. In the the doctor's opinion. The cut had been made with a great deal of force. Doctors also estimated that John Lost about a third of his body's blood volume. Once they stabilized him. John Asked if doctors could fix him. But because he didn't have the missing appendage the best they could do was close. The wound Kalihi spring into action. Hoping to find the penis before it was too late to reattach it. John gave them permission to search the apartment but they came up empty around the same time. Lorena turned herself into the police station. They had several questions for her. Most of them related to the location of John's severed a member. The rain couldn't think straight. Her heart was racing but she tried to focus on the reason she was here. John had beat her and raped her for years. She had to tell someone she tried to talk about it but the police kept interrupting her. They said they would come back to the abuse news but she needed to give them information. I she froze when she realized they were asking her about John's Penis. She knew she would have to tell the the whole story. But she didn't know how her mind blinked when she tried to grasp the details. She tried to work her mind backward. replaying the the entire morning in her head until she recalled that moment in the car she remembered holding something in her hand seeing the blood and realizing what that she must have done she could hardly bear to relive it but she forced her mouth to form the words. She told them everything. She remembered about her escape from John. Lorena couldn't tell the police exactly where the penis was but she remembered the intersection where she had stopped to throw it out the window. She she gave them as much information as she could recall. Officers rushed to the scene and searched within five minutes. They were successful. A police sergeant discovered the penis by some accounts. He actually stepped on it about twelve feet from the road hidden in some tall grass across the street from from a seven eleven convenience store they packed in ice from the store the physicians later joked about the fact that the penis was rushed to them and are Brown paper. Hotdog hotdog bag surgeons operated for the next nine hours working to repair the arteries and reattached the penis. For some of this time Lorena Llerena remained at the police station answering questions. The officers knew that she was highly emotional and cried throughout the questioning. She told the officer interrogating dating her that her husband was excited by forced sex and that he had raped her earlier that evening. Police brought her to Prince William Hospital the same hospital hospital where John was undergoing surgery so that doctors could conduct a rape kit. It showed that John had recently ejaculated inside the arena. After the examination Llerena returned to the police station for more questioning when the officer asked if she had cut her husband. She admitted that she had when he asked if she knew what she was doing. When she cut him? Marina replied. No I guess not the officers release Lorena after the interrogation irrigation. She was allowed to go back home that morning. But within a few days she was charged with malicious wounding which carried a potential penalty of twenty twenty years in prison. She was arrested and released on a five thousand dollar bond. Soon after her release she filed for divorce. At that. Point Ain't John was still recovering from his injuries. His prognosis was positive. Doctors believed that his penis would regain full function but John had other concerns turns beyond his health as authorities continue to investigate where rain his allegations of rape. John Initially told police that he and Lorena had not had sex on the morning. Wing of the twenty third but after police confronted him with the results of his wife's rape kit indicating that his sperm had been found in Lorraina me changed his story he then said he might have had sex with his wife while he was still asleep and that was why he couldn't remember doing it. Within a few weeks a grand jury indicted a twenty six year old John Bobbitt with marital sexual assault like laurynas malicious wounding charge marital sexual assault also carried a maximum penalty of twenty. Two years in prison. Prosecutors opted not to charge John with the more serious crime of marital rape which would have carried a potential life sentence because it was harder to approve under the Virginia Standard. At the time in order to prove marital rape prosecutors had to show that the couple was estranged at the time of the attack. DOC and the victim had to have sustained serious permanent physical damage Lorena and John weren't estranged at the time of the alleged sexual assaults. They were still living together. And while the doctor recovered John Sperm while performing a rape examination he did not find any significant physical damage till Arenas Lena's body former Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Donald S fire. Junior commented that Virginia has a tough standard for marital rape. It's a much tougher standard than stranger rape. We need to look into it. Women's rights advocates took the opportunity to decry Virginia's law. Susan Vein an Assistant Professor of Justice at American University said what this law is saying is that you can rape your wife. It certainly is a major issue for the a feminist movement activist weren't the only ones taking note of the case by that point. Journalists had caught wind of the story laurine account of rape and abuse became a footnote as the media seized upon the lurid details of her crime. John and Lorena Bobbitt or soon household names all over the country coming up. We'll talk more about the media frenzy and the first of the bobby trials..

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