Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, Elizabeth Warren, President Trump discussed on KCBS Radio Weekend News


Virginia. Governor Ralph northern has made his first public appearance since his news conference a week ago during which he refused to resign over a racist yearbook photo, he's attended the funeral of a state trooper north of now says he wants to work toward racial, reconciliation Virginia's attorney general Mark herring has acknowledged wearing black face and two women are accusing Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault university of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato having to. Allegations is a critical mass, especially if the women are credible, and they appear to be credible in this particular case and the second woman made particularly good case for herself. And there is some corroborating evidence Fairfax is facing demands for many of his fellow politicians that he stepped down. President Trump's reelection campaign has taken quick note of Elizabeth Warren's presidential candidacy and is sharply. Criticizing the democratic Senator signing her past claims the native American heritage Mr. Trump's campaign manager says Warren has been exposed as a fraud. She met her presidential candidacy official rally in Massachusetts Sancti wants to help create an America that works for everyone. The Senate is expected to confirm William bars. Attorney general next week CBS news correspondent Steve Dorsey says members of congress are still thinking about the testimony yesterday by the acting attorney general was combative at times he interrupted he disrupted the hearings. There were moments where he told the chairman of the committee that a his five minutes are up a which is an unusual scene coming from the witness of a hearing Whitaker and says he hasn't interfered in any way with special counsel Robert Muller's investigation..

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