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I'll be damned if I'm paying one penny in reparations. For many reasons. I had nothing to do with it. My ancestors, weren't even here fact, the vast majority of the people who live in this country. When either slaves, excuse me, where neither the progeny of slaves are slaveholders. This is a scam. This is a scam. It is the latest push by the left to divide this country. To make it impossible Forever's for ever come together. Being pushed by the left and the democrat party once again. Currently somebody testified today and use my line. And I think that's good in the house. Which had hearings on reparations. Reparations be paid. They're going to be paid. I think by the democrat party. I talk about this party all the time. I spent a lot of time on the day, and I'm not going to spend a lot of time on today. But this whole thing about reparations is a scam. It's, it's just another way for billions and billions of dollars. To be directed by the left. To people who haven't earned it. I really don't know of any. Ethnic group, racial group. If you go way, way back. It hasn't. Faced incredible hardships. Look at the Jews and the slavery. That took place in the genocide that took place and you, can, you can pick virtually any group. But slavery. Is particularly pernicious and it was in this country. In fact, it was so pernicious that half the country rose up to smile it. Many, many families. Set their fathers, their husbands, their grandfathers to war during the civil war, and they never came back. Over seven hundred thousand casualties. The worst war in American history. Terms of casualties, one battle after another. This country has paid a deep price. For slavery. The slaves and their families paid to her place. The price. In order to end it but took place. Many, many, many people paid a horrible price. But the democrat party keeps pushing this. What else do they have racism? Socialism. Open borders. Do they have anything positive that they have anything that truly points to the future? I don't attend to pay one damn penny in reparations to anybody. Period. Period. I see. Cory booker's out there. Pushing reparations. An attacking Joe Biden, and we'll get the Joe soon. I really want Joe by the be their nominee because he's such an idiot, but that's a whole nother story. Cory Booker didn't say a damn thing yesterday about AO c. And her antisemitic comments, did she not a damn thing when she accused America today? Americans. Pudding illegal alien children in concentration camps. He didn't say a thing, none of that offended. Cory booker. Jeez, you to talk about reparations about something that took place. Cup one hundred years ago was ended a hundred and fifty years ago, TS to talk about that. But when it comes time take hurt assize Heo. See not so easy. Buy, yes. An all white Christian straight, man. Sure. Pound away, but terms, AO, see. No. He won't criticize hair. He hasn't criticized her. He won't criticize Farrakhan. He won't criticize sharpen hill, hate kiss sharpens ring. He won't criticize a tallied. We donate lectures from Cory Booker. Hi shreds, held out. The goal here is a colorblind society, Martin Luther King was exactly right. That's why he has a national holiday. And none of these other clowns on the left ever will. They do not seek to unite this country. Endless ripping at the fabric of this culture, it is endless. Nobody deserves reparations. Nobody. We're in a free country make of yourself, as you will. Or not. They reparations. Cory booker's remember, the party that supports reparation? And yet, he's a member of the party. That fought for slavery. And one day, it won't be here. Because none of these Democrats will appear with me, probably smart on their part. But one day there will be a gutsy serious journalist somewhere. Access to Cory Booker. Among others. And we'll ask Corey Booker the phone. Slavery was an abomination. There's no excuse for it. So why are you a member of a party? That fought a civil war. In order to retain slavery. Well, Mark, you know, the great I didn't ask you that. If the country can never wash its hands of slavery. Then how compe- people who support reparations begun accredit? How can they? Because they promote a government that can't that can't be an excuse for slavery. Because they support Medicare for all that kept excuse for slavery. There is no excuse for slavery, right? So what's the excuse for Cory Booker being a democrat? I'm a serious as a heart attack. People who claim to be leading these various civil rights movements and so forth. Almost exclusively Democrats. So they must somehow excuse their party or dismiss it. Or something? Nope. They're never asked to explain ever ever. But they should be. Republican party came to be. Is an opposition movement to slavery. There were various factions some moved slower than others and so forth. But. That was that was it's main purpose. Its main purpose. So you have to wonder. Now, they'll be all kinds of spinning. Wow. The Republican party has taken the place of the Dixiecrats hasn't. Don't hasn't in the least. They while Corey Booker said nothing about a o see not a word. Apparently he's not troubled. It doesn't have a problem. With her comparing the temporary detention of illegal aliens, feeding them housing them, medicating them. So forth. To death camps and concentration camps one in the same. And the Third Reich somehow that doesn't move Cory Booker to speak out. But Joe Biden does just so happens if Biden trips up at fails. Cory Booker in the other leftists. Benefit from it. There's an interesting. What is it exactly that Biden set? Drawn these attacks. From others who are running for president and his party. And I'll tell you what he said when I return. Do you wish that double chin would Justice appear newsflash? Ladies and gentlemen, people look at your jaw line, it simply tells your age. Here's Robin from Lubbock, Texas. I'd put genocidal Charline cream on my neck, two or three days ago. This is the best. My neck has looked in twenty years. I'm blown.

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