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Of privacy. People who understand business comprehend business and guide business but is there a preference for hiding in donald's versus hiding external consultants. Do you see a bias at the moment. Well look the right. Now is a result of the pandemic. And what we've seen from staffing perspective. I can only speak from a staffing perspective. Because that's what i know intimately the on of jobs open a consulting versus plummeted. The amount of people leaving consulting firms increase exponentially in the last eighteen months. That's because you know when people are not spending money they're not spending it on consulting firms. Now that's not to say consulting firms are in trouble. They've got plenty of business. But i think they were on such a growth trajectory coming into out of gdp. Are that this. Put the brakes on a lot of that business. Also what's happening. Kind of in conjunction with that is a commitment for more corporations to build their own programmatic resources in house instead of leaning on consulting firms for a lot of things like handle all our requests that operation is being built internally and so there is a need for some of the more operational tactical technical things that are happening now that they're exceptions to that rule companies are bringing in enterprise technology. One trust which was named the fastest growing america during the pandemic. You're right it just goes to show you the like the one thing that survive in the pandemic was privacy and not just survived but you know yet flourish. It was a few on the final people. Ask me you was your business staffing. Business is obviously people aren't hiring during the pandemic we really affected. The answer was will you know. We were affected but not really affected the math because privacy states strong compliance jobs privacy. Strong two dependent people continued to build these programs. So i think that you're going to continue seymour. I'd say eighty percent of the job market right now is incorporate and i'd say the other twenty percent is evenly split between amazon and his birds and when company hiding corporates are hiding duda prefer having people on the barrel or the hiding people to scale up some demand and have some fiancee's in there. The answer is both an answer. Your previous question. Which i didn't answer in terms of internal promotions hired externally. The answer is both there too. I think what a lot of companies have done leading up to judy. Pr is partial resources. Human resources in it in marketing were privacy and the program was a piece of their job. Some of people are being sucked into kind of all time privacy professionals but not entirely most of the market is still out there wiring from other companies to come in who are holistically. Privacy professionals have their certifications. Have been a part of building growing or or establishing programs But when it comes to full time versus contract resources it's pretty fifty fifty right now. I would say about half the jobbers we get our full time. Jobs the other half or contract resources but keep in mind you know. There's not a lot of contracts executive level hiring privacy. People are investing fulltime resources at a privacy director of privacy officer level and right now most of the practicing market in the united states is still at seven to ten year level. There's a great survey that was put out by wall. Sorts dot net imacs where most of the jobs are seven to ten years with like two to five slowly rising but zero to two very low and the reason for that is because people are still building people are also recalibrating post pandemic. what kind of top down. Leadership they require in this new era and that led to a lot of she privacy officer search last year that we didn't anticipate the quite frankly i don't think would have happened..

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