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Gasoline. Need auto parts but can't get to a store right now. Head to O'Reilly auto dot com. Buy your parts online and pick them up in any of the five thousand Reilly auto part stores nationwide. No shipping cost, easy returns and convenient. Pick up on your schedule. Shop your way at Reilly auto dot com. O'Reilly, auto parts, better parts, better prices every day. Auto parts. Two cars were damaged in the accident over in tournament three, but look like they'll be able to continue, but exactly how serious the damage is will kind of have to wait and see young Bill Elliott from Dawson Ville George a lot of front end damage. Apparently he just ran right into the rear end of somebody while trying to dodge all the spending cars over in that third corner. So did buddy Baker and the wood brother's car, the front end of that car severely damaged. Also, they've got some tape on it and they're still working on Bill Elliott's car. Dale Earnhardt has been in and out of the pits. A couple of times Jerry punch is making his way over there to find out if there is a serious problem on the Wrangler machine. Earnhardt has beat the caution car out twice in a row as they worked on the car and put him back onto the speedway. So here at Donnington Darrell Waltrip was the first car to the flag Waltrip started on the outside pole and was running second. He was able to dip underneath Tim Richmond without incident. So he has led all six of the lapse here, and they've all been run under the caution flag right now, Geoff, Bodine's writing in a second slot. Joe Rudman is third. Harry Gant running fourth fifth as Ricky Rudd in six is Mark Martin seventh is Ron Bouchard in eight slot. Bobby Allison as the field moves over in front of gold behind Bobby Allison, David Pearson will be lined up with kale Yarbrough tucking in right behind him. Richard petty will follow to round out the top ten then comes dick Brooks. Tommy gala at a nice qualifying run us moved up just knocking on the door of the top ten buddy Arrington trails him. Then Jimmy means Ronnie. Thomas Sterling Marlin Ronnie Hopkins j d mcduffie and the rest of the field, including so Gordon who drives his own car number twenty four here this afternoon. Well, as we said that is the one thing all the drivers really are concerned about on any speedway. We go to whether it be Darlington Talladega martinsville anywhere is when they first dropped the green, the field very tightly bunched all the way back through that thirty six starting position. If there's trouble right at the head of the pack, it's almost impossible not to get a piece of it, but the field did a heck of a job over internal three for no more cars to be involved because that was right at the front of the field where everything was certainly was Barney. We counted as we said, ten cars involved. Apparently a so far only three will go to the garage area, Tim Richmond, Benny Parsons and Terry Labonte will get an update from there in a couple of minutes. Let's go to the garage area right now. Jerry punch Barney. We've caught up with Benny Parsons, bitty ten car melee back there. What happened. I wished only been a non car, but unfortunately wasn't in God's. I guess, evidently Richmond blew up someone in the very front of the bag. Blew an engine and the car simply tried started trying to stop to avoid the crash. Maybe some of them on the Orleans spun. I don't really know. But back where I was, we were just trying to stop devoid the wreck. And you know, when you've got eighteen cars trying to stop all the same time, it's becomes a problem. Somebody hit me in the back spun me. I hit Earnhardt with mine, left front at his right from my left arm it and it not my alcohol, which I can't. I have to change the oil cooler to go back out on the rice drag. It would take some time, so there's really no point to do it at all the fans at home here. Okay. The very discouraged because you know, we felt like we had a after Atlanta. We felt like we had an opportunity here today and you know, not even get a first lap in as often disappointed. While you can hear that at Benny Parsons, we'll give it up date on Dale Earnhardt. He's been back in the pits. Number times. The car is. Still missing somewhat. But more says they might have pulled a couple plug wires, Earnhardt spun in turn three trying to avoid that crash. They have replaced the plug wires with the missing still continues to. They're looking at possibly putting on a distributor cap and try to get rid of the ignition problems. Now, the cleanup crews are still working over in the turn three and four area where the caution came out on the first lap of competition in the trans out five hundred Tim Richmond, losing an engine over there and causing all kinds of problems for more than half the field. We are working the ninth lap of three hundred and sixty seven that make up the race here at Darlington, South Carolina. Here's the way they're running. Darrell Waltrip is a leader, Jeff Bonein rides. Second third position car belongs to the ninety. Eight car of Joe Rutland enforce spot will be Harry Gant writing. Fifth right now is Ricky Rudd and six positions should be Mark. Martin seventh is Ron Bouchard eight. This Bobby Allison. Ninth is David Pearson, tenth caled Yarborough eleventh is Richard petty, and twelve is dick Brooks on a lighter note. And speaking of dick Brooks, a couple of birthdays in a garage area. This weekend, the really Ray Mark Hodgson crew. Presented Butch mock with a birthday cake yesterday and Friday. It was dooney Don Levy's birthday. Now, Junie owns the number ninety car that dick Brooks drives on the circuit that Sonny king Ford, Honda Ford automobile and Brooksville descent on how they celebrate. It hasn't a was Jimmy Jimmy non-alignment birthday. Her NAR Friday was anyway, and of Kirk got together and he's talking about a low budget organization. They brought a saltine cracker with peanut butter in a match stuck down in a top of it. So having birthday don't him blow to match up next weekend. NASCAR Winston Cup series moves up to north wilkspur, North Carolina for the running of the northwestern Bank, four hundred a full weekend of action with qualifying Friday and Saturday. Plus the Darlington dash series in spring one hundred on next Saturday, north woods, borough speedway's ticket office will be open all this week also next Sunday. If you're up in the New England area the spring sizzler at Stafford springs, Connecticut kicks off the NASCAR modified Winston racing series and Budweiser series at that speedway an

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