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How similar he tried to place this Rams offense this year with the dolphins in this game, but golf was under pressure. This has been a couple of it's been it's been a weird stretch for golf in the last couple months after we started this season, but you say no name defense. I mean a manual ogba Shaq Lawson a couple of castoffs. I mean, they look like Pat swilling and Ricky Jackson from the early nineties don't control for the state's coming off. The edge was they were getting after Jericho, especially in the first half forcing their those turnovers and I mean like the Dolphins at 145 yards of total offense and they won the game Bike handling. It was never really in question wage. It felt like so credits that Dolphins defense. They are by the way in play in the AFC East in despite to yeah. Absolutely. Right? I mean they're they're basically a game back in the loss column you God is at 6 and 2 and the fins at 4 and 3 right now. So, you know this this will be interesting down the stretch but it did kind of feel like there was a different energy about the Dolphins team with mm. I don't I don't know if that's a tangible thing or not, but man they played well, yeah, I mean look, I think there is something to that. I know people say, oh you don't count quarterback wins, but there is something to kind of get a little juice in Allentown p and that's what to mm brings. But look they didn't really need him in this game. They haven't really exactly figured out exactly how to use him yet in the proper way my opinion after just watching this tape. It needs to be more long as they moved him around a little bit but need to do that more. He didn't get comfortable and I think with our po game Buck, I think that's what kind of gets to it into a nice little rhythm. And so you saw a missed some layups in this game. I'm not used to seeing him Miss and just never really got comfortable. Let's give the Rams and their defense him credit for that as well. But hopefully going forward you're going to see Changi get a better feel for how to use his Young quarterback. Yeah, I agree with you Jay. He didn't get into a rhythm. They do need to add some of the rpos but also believe this has been a year since he's played in a game. He didn't play in a preseason game the bullets fly a lot faster and games and practice. I think we'll see him get better and better each week. But so sorry for him. Great win for the Dolphins though. All right. Absolutely. All right. What's what's number six here? When you got a number six the Ravens home a little short on MVP magic empty sex shotgun snap 36 time for Lamar Jackson intercepted running down the field. That is Robert's bulb for a pixel quickly into this football game. So look, you know, I mentioned short on MVP magic didn't know Hocus Pocus about this. You can't turn the ball over four times against a team like dog. He Pittsburgh Steelers. Now the lone remaining undefeated team seven and oh right now to games ahead of the Ravens the top the AFC North at this point. So look on Gameday highlight our game day live off highlights. We kept showing Lamar's miscues the two interceptions his first career pick-six to open the game. Another pink called back to two fumbles, even though the last one didn't really matter. But the issue for me is like their past game is just off. If you're taking away Mark Andrews, what else is there in the past? And now I look I know they ran it for 265 yards and that's great against a really good Pittsburgh Steelers defense. That's not to say they put up over four hundred total yards, but man like where's the big play that Dynamic threat from Marquis Brown drafted him in the first round of be a home run hitter and outside of his debut off the NFL week one last year. I mean, we have rarely seen it. They just can't find a way to consistently get him the ball. He had a tweet they deleted that said like hey, what's you know, what's going on here. Eventually, like, you know, we've got some of these resources that we're not using them kind of raising both hands. Like hey, I'm over here. Remember me Ravens defense was dominant in this game, but it didn't matter because the the overs and the lack of big plays from Lamar Jackson and this offense Lamar rants sixteen times, but only for like sixty yards. He runs at 4:16 and they run as a team for over 2 65. I'm thinking he's off 100 didn't see, you know, it is interesting about this Baltimore Ravens offense, right? Because you point out that the more Jackson ran the ball is 16 times. I would say that part of the reason why the other guys were successful is because he ought to be yeah, we'll say this he has to be better when it comes to the traditional drop-back passing game. But Lamar Jackson to me is very similar to Jerry golf when you get both of these guys into a drop-back passing game, they don't fare as well. When you allow them to throw off play-action. That's when they're at their best and I think it's important for Greg Roman to understand who age Coaching at the quarterback position. They need to get away from the spread stuff. Bring it back into the phone booth the heavy tight-end sets because that is really when they generated their explosive plays in the passing game a year ago. I know ask you to want to do all of this other stuff and evolve his game but I think sometimes you need to take them or where he is and keep him where he is and let him be the best at that as opposed to trying to stretch his game a little bit off while I thought it was interesting looking at it how much his own coverage you're seeing and even when they're in man, they're in off-man. So you have all every Defender you've so you've got 11 Defenders, you've got all those thighs on the quarterback and being able to see and be able to drive on the football and make plays. So I looked up the numbers said our buddy Bill Smith. Give me the numbers here cuz I was curious are they seeing more Zone coverage this year last year on Prestige dropbacks between the twenties so they don't do this inside the Red Zone, but between the twenty 61% last year, he saw his own coverage this year. It's at 67 last year, you know eleven touchdowns birth. I've picks against don't coverage this year three touchdowns three picks. So the completion percentage drops four points from 69 to 65. So you're seeing teams and I think that's a little bit of the game plan. It's kind of similar to what we're talking about dealing with Mahomes, but for different reasons with Mahomes and see what you want to play zone coverage keep the ball in front of you and limit the big plays with Lamar. I think the feeling is that we're going to make him sort of a lot of bodies in the back end to be able to fit balls and tight windows and the accuracy is not you know at the level of which it needs to be and if you look at his overall stats this year sax our way up because it's holding the ball trying to find open a Dos completion percentage is way down and turnovers are up. So all those things point to me of Team saying, okay, we're going to give you some of this run game which they did when you run the ball with that many yards. They're almost concealed a little bit of that and saying but some point time you're going to have to throw through a lot of bodies and they got their hands on a couple of football's there could have been a couple more as well. So, I mean that to me seems to be the formula buck that you're going to see going forward wage. This team is funny DJ because you brought it up about Lamar Jackson teams are using the same formula to frustrate Josh Allen. It is something that you want these athletic quarterbacks to be able to do we understand life can be this with your legs. But are you good enough to beat us with your arm when you have to throw timing touching anticipation routes Lamar Jackson has struggled and we've also seen Josh Allen. It is something to keep as long as we get down the stress to see how teams are defending these top quarterbacks where these playoff team in D J real quickly. Just a hammer home your point on the drop-off versus Zone coverage and some of those numbers if it's not huge right? It's not like a glaring drop-off mudding games like this against competition like this like the Steelers and like competition you'll see in the playoffs when the games were so tight that does make a difference and I think we've seen that in some of these big games of the Ravens of play. Well consider this last nugget here and this is again from our buddy here Bill Smith. Sent me this one Lamar Jackson and 27 career regular season starts at twenty-seven starts not counting the Steelers 15 interceptions to start versus the Steelers game seven interceptions. So if you're the Ravens now, you know, the Chiefs have kind of been your bugaboo in the postseason. Now, you're starting to see the Steelers and their familiarity with this offense starting to build kind of a book here. Trying defend Lamar Jackson. That's why it's a little bit scary for the Ravens you think about those are two teams. You're absolutely going to have to get through to get to the Superbowl and they seem to at least a little bit be figuring out this offense more so than the rest of the NFL. All right. Let's keep this going here with takeaway number seven. And that is a New England Patriots are on.

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