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Kind of heading into that crash the way that you buy in france is you diversify into lots of different things are you make sure that you have more than one type of investment in your account they need money they lost it at the same time general motors making twelve point eight billion and pretax profits for the year and the company's uaw member workers will get profitsharing checks averaging eleven thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars gm completed the sales of its opel and vauxhall brands and got out of some foreign markets the man charged with killing a detroit police officer we'll be getting a mental competency exam to charles brooks doesn't remember shooting officer glenda's this is according to his lawyer fears no recollection of users therefore i am unable tabled at this point to proceed the officers father says he understands however sean no remorse uh i can understand how lots and sasa low to his family but at no time did he give out any condolences or cell to me where my family brooks appeared in court i first degree murder charges for the january shooting a former detroit ma'am linked to child porn is in custody in alabama germain more surrendered to police and millbrook alabama he's accused of sexually assaulting three young family members all girls in detroit over the course of several years taking videos and then putting them on the internet another candidate added to the race to replace john conyers incorrect congress former state representative rashid at to leave announcing she is running to replace john conyers in congress if successful she will become the first moslem american woman elected to congress to leave is joining a growing democratic primary fuel that includes detroit city council president brenda jones and state senator common young the second democratic activists michael gilmore con your son john conyers a third who the congress said he endorses and state senator in conyers john conyers nephew are also running john conyers resigned last december amid allegations that he sexually harassed female aids claims that he denied council president brenda jones.

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