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I'm aaron weiss outside at bear creek lake parked one of the crown jewels of the regional park system here in the denver area. We've got the second part of our interview with public lands. Photographer bob wick coming up this week. Just like last week. This episode is also on video so you can see the photos that we're talking about links to this episode are on facebook and youtube in the show notes along with links to all the photos that you're going to hear us reference. If you haven't yet listened to part one of our conversation with bob go back and do that right. Now we cover his career as a wilderness specialist also how he basically felt into the role of photographers that was unofficial all of these years and then we talked about some of those meaningful photos that he has taken over his thirty plus years with the bureau of land management. So this episode is a sort of bonus. Because i am such a fan of bob's work and.

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