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That kind of thing. Why me what I thought when I saw a woman wearing a he, you know, the traditional Muslim where I'll be honest with you. I don't think. I don't either. I I noticed it. I noticed it because it's not the norm. As far as it goes if it's a sunny afternoon in August in it's one hundred and ten degrees. And I see it. I think. Wow. But she's hot. Yeah. But she sweating Lance on the and Don show. Good morning lands. Hello. No. What happened? I don't know. Let's put them. Hill is listen coming up after the news at the bottom of the hour from the greater Austin area. Home builder's association, Glenn is gonna join us. We're talking about the demon spawn of code next next was an attempt a nine million dollar attempt to rewrite our land use codes. And I know that sounds boring, but the bottom line is the city council is working on a plan to rewrite all the rules and regulations on what you can do with your business, your property, your home, the dirt and soil that you own what guidelines you can use to build on it or not build on it. And what you're getting with David Glenn from the builder's association. Lance is on the of Don show. Good morning, Lance. Good morning, gentlemen. I I was hoping you'd let me talk for one second the guy that caught on thinking is Jerry. He was trying to force you to define the kitchen term, which I believe that term has been made of hate speech by the proponents of those who wish. To destroy our ability to have three speech. So when you give him credit credit credit by interacting that way, and trying to define a made up term that is an essence giving them firepower to say, well, look, it really does exist when it's been made up to keep us from being able to come together and exchange even opposing ideas and learning from them rather than having our ideas censored, so that when we go to exchange ideas, we have to be able to figure out what we can. And can't say not getting our honesty out never learning from that. He did not get our troops together and grow from that knowledge, then the state and universities will have the power to dictate even the conversations that happen between the students. I hear you. I understand that. I think for some people hate speech is just a different opinion. Exactly, you know, what? I mean depends on who you're dealing with. Right. And what's on their mind? All right. Coming from five one two eight three six zero five ninety s you got a text message here. Let me pull this up. It's an interesting message on the Totta, Don she'll Facebook page. I'm gonna read it and see where to go ahead of here. Just a second ago. But it was somebody that was defining hate speech. Hate speech hate speech is when you demean demean another person with your words. Okay. What that's not hate speech. That's just being rude. Yeah. So is it is it now a crime to be rude? They wanna lock people up for being rude. That's ridiculous. There is a definition in the dictionary of hate speech really really wanted. I'm not saying that it does means it exists. But if you do need if you do need to define it, the dictionary the dictionary, right? First of all, it's now n- abusive or threatening speech or writing that expressive prejudice against a particular group, especially the basis of race, religion or sexual orientation, and that's not a crime, hate speech. That's not a crime. Oh, another texture here. It's rude. It's it's disingenuous you shouldn't do it. You're you're in a whole if you say those kind of things, but it's not a crime another. Texter says that you and I are are the definition of hate speech. That's nice Todd and gone to restore peace and quiet to your home and put an end to that snoring with the help of Dr Daniel slaughter. Hi, good morning. It's more Caesar. It's one of the best decisions I ever made. When I went to see Dr Daniel slaughter. I had gotten all the complaints. Even the sharp elbows about my big snoring problem. Then I went to see Dr Daniel slaughter. He said, I know exactly what to do went in for a one hour pain free procedure. It's called balloon, son. You plastic. A walked out of there feeling great. And my snoring was gone, my wife, and that's the great news. The very next morning. I was two and a half years ago. I've had fantastic results. And I want you to get in touch with Dr Daniel slaughter. He helped develop this procedure. In fact, he's got a wide range of cutting edge techniques available in his office to eliminate your sh knowing you're gonna.

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