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I think it's great. I am so grateful that i grew up watching what you chaps doing that. That was the cornerstone of comedy for me and growing up and seeing. It's extremely because i was old enough to really laugh and really understand the jokes then to go on and see what everybody did committed. Were humiliated what you have done. What run his done. what. Simon curtis system. It's it's so inspiring. Because that's what i wanted to davis pay a performer. But i didn't have a gag. I always wished that had again. I was about to say when i'm astern as i'm sure you are by young drama. Student sought teenagers hoping to go into some aspects of the performing arts. Us to give advice. I can only say cluster around your friends who have a similar ambition and make your own shows make your own whatever it is and get your friends to come watching because the more you perform even if it's badly to a any kind of paying origins but the more you do it the more you get the confidence and the self belief and the the idea in your head you're allowed to in a because we up watching these glamorous figures you know. I saw peter cook and john cleese on the parkinson show or peter sellars or whatever it might be and they were behind the glass in every sense the idea that one could even tread any aspect of that boards as it were it was just out of sight and slowly because of writing with friends and kind of finding out how audiences behave and feeling that one belongs on the stage. It gives one this fabulous idea that you could be part of that. Huge family of people who are the clowns the The circus and the the entertainers. I was constantly deputising dolls to pay my audience and they always loved every bit of a standing ovation every turn. My mother used to say when. I couldn't get my brother to do..

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