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To assist the injured. Motorists. And in the process of crossing over. Stephen fell to the ground below powered was transported to a hospital where he died from his injuries. Global news twenty four hours a day on air and tick tock on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Michael Barr. This is Bloomberg Jonathan thank you very much. Sarah's time now for the Bloomberg NBC sports report is Jon Stashower. Jonathan wild finished a wild card weekend. The eagles had the lead then the bears and then about a minute to play. Philadelphia. Went back on top on fourth down pass by Nick foles. They won sixteen fifteen after Chicago's Cody parkey missed a game winning forty three yard field goal hockey this season mastered. The art of kicking the ball off the upright. Did it four times? In one game. This kick actually caromed off the upright, and then the crossbar eagles will now. Visit New Orleans where earlier this season they lost by six touchdowns. The chargers held onto win at Baltimore Twenty-three seventeen. They are nine you know, when boarding a plane. They're only road loss was. To the Rams. They also want a home game in London. That'd be back on a plane. They'll play next Sunday at New England. Here we go again with Alabama Clemson fourth straight year, they've met in the college football playoff. They'll side of the national championship tonight in Santa Clara read that's one again, one seventeen to one hundred in Chicago just a game under five hundred Minnesota fired. Coach Tom sibito another rough one for the Rangers. They lost five nothing to their zone of the devils fell three two at Vegas. Seton Hall lost by a point to the Paul that ends the pirates seven game win streak. Bloomberg NBC sports update. I'm Jon Stashower. John John Stashower there with the sports. You've had the news. Here's the price action. Friday was just a massive day of gains and three things really added up to fuel that we had a reserve requirement ratio cut from the Chinese central Bank. We had a massive blowout payroll support here in the United States and a dovish chairman as well. Enough to generate a big day of gained three point four three percent. Hasty follow-through into Monday session, not much of a follow-through. Atoll features are stable and pretty much unchanged on the S and P five hundred from New York. This is Bloomberg surveillance on Bloomberg radio..

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