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Very well educated the two masters degrees and and whatnot but but never really entrepreneurial worked at the same bank affectively for thirty six years at bank had a couple of different shingles but you know he's a he was a company man and that was very satisfying for him because it gave him obviously the opportunity provide for us but also stability and it's not something that he had and it's something that i take for granted i mean you know the opportunity to go to a great school as an undergrad like northwestern the opportunity to experience things that my parents didn't i mean they've worked through school they went to university of illinois chicago they actually met as bagger and checker in a grocery store in highschool both immigrants person it's interesting because you want to work for jp morgan right after school you could've ended up working for gp morgan for thirty six years as an investment banker at right so i'm wondering did you consider the drip near ship path right after school what made you go into jp morgan after having such an interesting to real experience at northwestern the experience with with suit solutions at northwestern it wasn't necessarily i think at the time sort of like i wanna start my own thing or by my own thing it was just sort of like this was this was a great education but you know i think i got caught caught up and swept in what was the conventional wisdom i do look back though and every single of my interviews they wall were interested in my entrepeneurship experience that and i get it i mean i think probably in in you know what i was getting interviewed for again management consulting investment banking like sure these interview the interviewer.

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