Israeli prime minister to meet Pompeo in Brussels


Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is traveling to Brussels where he will meet with the US secretary of state. Mike Pompeo, the pair are expected to disgust have Ron's decision to test a medium range ballistic missile, the meetings deemed so important that Maas ads intelligence chief his also thought to be travelling to Belgium. You'll see mecca bug is head of international relations, social sciences and law at Regent's university. And join me here in studio. Good afternoon. Thanks for coming to talk to us set the scene for us a little beebees on. Well, it's a flying. Visit. But nevertheless, it's an important discussion one imagines. How'd you think he and Pompeo will be tackling recent developments the figure that Teesta flying visits? It takes time to go to us and propel would like would like to to meet him any in is accompanied which a senior delegation. It shows the severity in which they see these developments because actually they'll good reasons for. Resolve to the big issue of the nuclear weapons. This is very distance one of your developing nuclear musing, it this very distant possibility. However as Iranian presence is in Syria and going presence in Lebanon, medium range missiles ballistic missiles, the the quantity of the constants deliveries by air. Not nobody vote of weaponry of munition into Lebanon. This is a serious, ROY. And how to deal with? It is a good question right now. It's sending a clear message. That's is a one tolerate any military action of this kind from Lebanon. Mike Pompeo is a an outspoken critic of of Iran of the regime, but also the nuclear program stage. It's at what do you think will will Netanyahu be pleased by the response that he gets from pump. What do you what do you expect the US to be saying? I mean, obviously that as ever there always seems to be domestic issues and other issues which dominate, but Pompey's very, you know, he's he he cares. A great deal about this. And he's he's made no bones about being very critical probably will sing from the same hayme sheet. You know, the idea probably again, I'm second guessing was was going to be the result of the meeting. But I assume they can we some strong statement by the end of and we won't seem differences between the United States in Israel on this one. But we went to look. Both policies is a N D, especially the United States by withdrawing from the nuclear agreement because they lost actually leverage when you're on the table, and you're part of it, actually, you have more power to Iran. And say if you want the removal of the sanctions, if you want better economic relations, if we want to help you with you, we we feel energy sector, then don't do this don't do that. And you can have quite diplomacy don't lead to threaten them publicly. The meaning that you withdraw completely with the game you out of it. So what happens is you get defines from both sides. And when you get to this situation Dylan's what we're not benefitting anything from from the from the nuclear agreement actually will get more and more pressure from the United States. We'll other put pressure somewhere else, and in this sense, actually more leverage than the United States. And they know exactly that Israel is vulnerable. When it comes to what happens in Lebanon is this basically now from Syria, especially from Lebanon is exposed almost entirely by incoming rockets and missiles. That's changed tack slightly and talk a little about the domestic dynamics because it's impossible to discuss Netanyahu. And whatever moves he's making diplomatic or otherwise without looking at the travails. He faces on the on the home front.

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