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But it's like a team building character Bill again as the fourth overall pick you might stumble upon Josh Allen who might be the best overall player in defensively in the draft or greedy Williams who is one of the best corners coming out of the draft in since like Dion Sanders, some people say so they are definitely in a good spot to pick up spot pieces that they desperately need on the defensive side. But again, this win was just for chairman. I think that was who they applying for. Yep. And then we can move on was talking about Baltimore Tampa Bay twenty to twelve the ravens glow. Mark jackson. Not a pretty game by any means. But you know, they run all over the bucks. And they get the win any thoughts in this game. Not really. Yeah. No just did their job. It wasn't pretty. But they got it done. Yeah. It just happened to your Josh Johnson in the Washington Redskins. Hey, he played. Well, did he play will they won? They won. He didn't play. Well, but they won that. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. They they won. They did they did win Cody case alive will Cody Kessler at fifty seven passing yards. Yeah. Josh Josh Johnson had one hundred and fifty one and a touchdown. How can you deny this? How can I how can you deny that goat right now was a good starter fantasy this week? Hey johnson. Yes. Or no that's better than like most other players. He had fifteen points. I take that over a lot of the quarterbacks that played this week maybe like three or four that's a lot. That's not. There's thirty have so much hate. Make it if that's not negative that is negative. You're always a negative Nancy. No. But that was the gotta have some hell week for me. Yeah. Both teams scored points. I get it. But it was just a field goal at the end that shielded for the Redskins and they stay alive in the playoff hunt. Talk about the most unexciting game you could ever have. I can name one other one that was more unexcited that go ahead. It was the titans and the giants seventeen and nothing. Yes, close. Eric Henry back to back over one hundred fifty yard rushing. Yeah. One hundred seventy yards in two touchdowns, which we said on our fantasy full podcasts. It probably wouldn't happen again. I definitely said that and it did. Hi, I'm we might be wrong on a little bit. He might be. You look at the stats, and you would think that Barkley would have had Henry's debts and Henry would have had Barclays stats. Yeah. Speaking berkeley. Well, we'll probably the worst performance of his career so far fourteen curious thirty one yards and within the thirty one. He had a one rush of seventeen yards. So we really miss though, dill Beckham in this game to kind of take the top off the defense, or they could I don't know. Maybe give Barclay a little bit more room. I'm sorry LA meetings done. I see he'll play LA this week. You didn't twenty one we're going into this game. Well, this just this is the straw that broke the camel's back. You know, this is twenty one of forty four two hundred twenty nine yards and just interception. But his his choices of throwing the football. We're wrong, and whatever you to. It was some bad quarterbacks. They Derrick Henry had a better quarterback raining. The both mariota and ally. Manny yet a ninety one point seven compared to marriageable twenty times through for eighty eight yards. That has to be one of the worst outputs. You can have what will you own or twenty times what you can only do so much? You have eighty eight yards as terrible yards per attempt on twenty twenty four yards average. Absolutely. That is. But that's like running the ball. Let's hear me out like Derrick Henry had a ninety one point seven or eight. And like I said mariota quarter me let me finish. I am wedding. You finish zero Kenner should play quarterback. I know mariota had a seventy point four rating and Eli manning had an abysmal fifty four point one. So technically Derrick Henry was the best quarterback going right now in this game. Because he threw that one pass for six yards. Yeah..

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