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Wasn't even sure that Boron was a real one but. Boron his. Thing about this. Kruger got involved because she thought it was the elements of the weather. So she she was. She thought it was rain snow, but they were Buddy Sarah Sarah's time. Yes. That was like, no, it's actual elements that were. How you do this? If you heard, this is how you do this right? I know your. Party how do you do take the day off? You wake up every morning at five am. Dinner. You get the green screen out. It's unreal. Do now that you're back the microphone for the Bern it's unbelievable now that you're back in your in Canada I, don't know what what's the background going to be now. It ain't GonNa be this. I'm going to need a little a little something. Some people take the day off from life if they have to wake up. I don't know how often Chris you go back in a an enjoy that program. But at least once a week I mess it up. I messed up your thing and it's just it's just ruined last. November some guy walks in the background. In one of them. talked to you don't even. Thank. This guy back here I'm like man, this guy's a pro this pro. Catch up with them I don't watch it every day, but I will deep dive. I. Will spend a good hour two hours at night watching it. I love it I. Think you guys are doing. Great. Well, thanks man a share that it's. His Panda. Listen Fan is tough. We pay a pretty penny him to show up just for a hallmark. He's not cheap he'll. Boron. Elements, that's right. Up. There we've all been there. GimMe. GimMe two glasses of Boron and a couple of snow please. Is. On the rocks. Chris we love you. This is the perfect way to start off this season the best man with the original the management. There is. The Oh, Gee, I'm Steve Martin. Shabby second-place I love it. Okay. Well, let's talk. Let's take it down a couple of. Steve Martin. Wonder woman down. down. Believe it what I see it over there. guys we'll be back tomorrow. I I like to imagine there's a wonder world we cut out there where you walk out and you're playing the Banjo The second one. We've back tomorrow and we'll back on Wednesday alien back on Thursday because that's what thing we're doing right now because it's Christmas time season three, we can't wait until tomorrow may we be the I? Wish you a Merry Christmas Deck the Homework Bramble Jam podcast is presented by friendly TV and recorded live in Greenville South Carolina at the Bramble Jam podcast network studios it's produced by bringing gray. You can find out more information deck, the HALLMARK DOT COM..

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