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That's one of the great blessings of having hair on one's head. You can either work with or work without if you're an actor. I'm speaking. It's it's really changes ones. Look needless to say for share. Well, I want to ask you about what maybe five or six years ago happen that sparked this career renaissance that we're in the middle of witnessing right now. I don't think that's overstating it where you're getting some of the best part you've ever played you're giving some of the best performances you've ever given and people are being more appreciative probably than they've ever been. But it started kind of inauspiciously if I have it correctly because it all goes back to an adult swim stop motion animated show called robot chicken. How does that give way to what we're looking at now been very fortunate in career lately, particularly, but in the last twenty years, I guess voice overs? I got an offer to do this voice over for the adult swim channel to play. This totally wacky. Part and robot chicken jumped at it. I mean, it was funny. Really funny, and I got nominated for an EMMY for. Daytime nighttime early morning Demi or some kind of the day, and I go to this thing award ceremony with my daughter, Cleo, and we sat right behind lily Tomlin who was nominated in the same category for doing voiceover for the National Geographic channel every call on African elephants totally different than the reason there and she won in the category. And I remember going to or in congratulating her and giving her a big hug, and we had a moment just a moment and never cross paths with lily before so clear, and I went on home back to our worlds, and I don't know. I don't even know how long it was after that one night to phone rang. And it was Chris Weitz, and he said sorry for calling lit some late or some weird thing. But my brother's doing this movie with lily Tomlin. Once you read the script, would you read it, of course, I would I send men's grip on I read the script ship and. It was a bet as media role as I've ever seen given the size of it. But just went from ADA Z in my mind. Anyway, this is in what would become grandma and you originally when you getting the script being asked to play a biker with long hair, kind of which I didn't have I don't think I had a mustache. But had very short hair. Went and got together with Paul whites. Chris's brother F Brad read it, and we talked Eddie even called about a wig for the peace, and I but in the getting a mustache made. And then I start reading conscription that the guy a biker I talked to Paul about it. And so what if I could why is this guy biker? This is a lot. But remember mask you working bike? There's a sequence in their room working on a bike and on the page. It was cool might be cool lily at this biker in her past and an Amen. I don't wanna wear a wig for a movie. Anyway, I ended up doing it not wearing a wig and just played this pretty much straightforward dope smoking guy. So that goes eventually to premiere at Sundance, but at a Sundance by which time you've already made another movie, I'll see you in my dreams, which is kind of amazing when people realize it's a from thirty one year old writer director editor I don't know if he'd even made a movie before I don't few few little through bright. So he wants to make a movie about a widower and the guy. She now finds new love with and again, he's thirty one. But he's writing about people at that stage of life, and somehow gets Blythe Danner and Yuda believe in him groups group those very persuasive gunmen. Liberally? So that's an eighteen day shoot where you're playing in this case really like a a gentleman refers leading man was out now leading men rule right nevers through romantically. Guesses better way to put it and Blyth Danner who we had on this podcast at that time. It was just one of our first guest was saying that how much she loved working with you. And and how it could have gone wrong in a way because I mean, she herself had been married for thirty three years. Her husband died cancer years before she'd had no subsequent relationships..

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