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Vote for Donald Trump and depressed the Trump supporter of voter, but they're not buying it this year. No, nor should we, nor should weigh 23 traffic and weather on the threes. Once again, Tall, Tan rested. Ready. We're going to work here. He is fed up with this rain. I mean, they're just record everywhere. Now it's getting out of control brought to you in the service of Bernie's Automotive. Six. So one bank River Neck Road in Essex, the new rec South found 97 about a mile at least. South of the Beltway. I'm looking at. I think what appears to be a vehicle on its side right after the area before you get to 6 48. I don't see a lot of traffic moving right now. And I just saw two or three more police cars coming into the area. North bound is looking at it, but South found you get the impact coming off the Beltway. That's I 97 South is 95 South Hartford County Baltimore County line. And again might be a vehicle on its side. We had the bad earlier door, she wrote at Telegraph Road. We still have delays coming out of the Fort McHenry Tunnel vehicle hit Jersey Wall South bound at key Highway still affecting the left hand lane fall is here. It's time to think about getting your vehicle ready for winter. Stop in and see Bernie Today at six. So one back River Neck Road in Essex 36 Page has all of their weekly specials. I'm quitting here would try picking weather on the threes on talk radio 6 80. Double. You see whether General forecast cloudy, rainy and it is going to be chilly day today. Rain heavy in times of flood watch in effect till 11 o'clock tonight It is.

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